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  • Bushnell 8-40 LMSS Review

    I have had a Bushnell 8-40X60 LMSS since May and have used it a bit since then so this is just a quick review.

    Click image for larger version

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    Firstly i ordered this through Eurooptic and dealt with Keefer.
    Being a Snipers Hide member they removed the export permit fee which was nice as these are expensive.

    First impressions of the scope were that it is nice and light. the body of the spotter is covered with a tan coloured rubber armour which is very robust and remains unmarked.there are hex screws on all sides for picatinny rails which would be used for mounting lasers etc in line.

    the eyepeice has a retractable guard which helps with eye relief,
    The focus ring is covered in knurled rubber and moves very smoothly and has maintained tension, the power ring has aggressive knotches that also have a knurled or rough surface for grip and also moves very smoothly.

    optically it performs very well and has very clear and bright glass, i have no objective way of measuring it but it is far clearer than my Vortex PST.

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    the reticle is a version of the Horus H32 designed to stay in the lower half of the scope leaving most of the sight picture free for observation but allows very precise calls for fall of shot.

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    i am currently using a vangaurd tripod and pistol grip head which is very solid but also very heavy

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    Overall this spotting scope has proved to be very useful and whilst expensive will no doubt serve me forever. the reticle is well placed and being FFP is always useful for calling shots or milling targets.

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    Did some spotting at QMRC yesterday,

    was easily spotting trace from a .223 Tikka varmint at 300m

    safe to say this scopes a keeper


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      Editing a comment
      S12A I modified mine to take a picatinny mount on the base as I didn't like the way it moves around with the single screw holding it to the tripod. I had a MAGPUL Picatinny laying around and put it on the bottom where it's designed for one I then used a picatinny torch mount from JetBeam fitted it to the tripod base.
      It is so much more ridged now and won't move to you want it to. pics to follow