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    Hi, Further to my last question regarding scopes, I am looking at buying some mounts. Definitely want Leupold Mounts and I know that they make one for my rifle which is a Parker Hale Model 1200 30-06. There are two options, either the standard mounts as well as the Quick Release non Weaver Version. I just want to hear from people with either, but especially the Quick Release.

    I like the idea of being able to remove the scope and use the iron sights occasionally and I am aware I will need to re-sight the rifle when they are placed back on top, but I am not to worried. I also like the idea of removing the scope for cleaning etc, so overall I like the concept, but how are they in practise? Do they hold a zero perfectly fine?


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    if you are talking about this set up, mine always returned back to zero.

    I had it on my 260 Remington.
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      I use Leupold QR/W rings to mount my scope to a rail on my .308 and find that they are just as tight & resistant to recoil and knocks as any regular rings I've used (the trick is to push them all the way forward on the rail or base before tightening them down & then they won't budge). Leupold claim that they hold zero to within 0.5MOA when they are removed and then reinstalled, and tests I've done at the range myself confirm this to be correct.

      I fitted quick-release rings for the same reasons the OP nominated, namely to be able to quickly whip the scope off (only takes a few seconds) and revert to the iron sights when I feel the need.


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        Aside to the mounts here I have bought some mounts from
        in Montana I think. They went to a lot of trouble and their service is spot on. I mean the goods arrived that fast i had to duck!
        The mounts I bought were the Leupold QR ones.

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      i use leupold qd on all my scopes on warne bases i did a test with three scopes three barrels swap and shoot on the titan 6 and saw very little if any difference on point of aim change very happy with them