what are the chamces ive damaged something?

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  • what are the chamces ive damaged something?

    i took the tikka out of the tupperware on saturday and nailed it into an XLR evolution chassis....
    i had the rubber factory scope cover on the end of my nightforce when i ut it all together, now the cover is probably only 5mm thich rubber at the end but after some yanking i got it out and there was only a 0.5mm gap between the objective end an the tube fore end...do you reckon that kind of pressure could have hurt it?
    im yet to get it out the the range and re-zero

    edit- i know i should have undone the scope mount instead of yanking the cover out, but like most australian males aged 18-35, i choose the fast way over the right way

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    By the sound of it so long as you haven't bent the scope tube there shouldn't be a problem, surely it would show if it was bent?


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      i bloody hope not...or its going to be the most expensive paperweight i own......
      one of my reasons for buying the nightforce was the reputation they have for being tough..
      i was just a bit concerned as it took a bit to get the wedged cover out and i really dont know how sensitive scopes are to that sort of stuff

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    S12A, I reckon you might have leaked some nitrogen from that scope.


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      a us SF unit and their navy use nightforce scopes, one took a round through it . it continued to function as normal except the magnification rings were seized and obviously it was lacking the nitrogen and weather proofing haha

      check out this link;

      i know it was a bit off topic but the point was that your NF will take some punishment and they would probably fix or replace it anyway




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        They are very tuff! You would have to run over it or smash it with a sledge hammer. Just reinstall and resight again. Good to go!