Hitler rant on the new vortex strike eagle.

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  • Hitler rant on the new vortex strike eagle.

    Haha, had a laugh.


    Umm arrred over this scope for my 308/6.5x47 setup.... The scope on it now has been OK, but time for a update.

    After procrastinating of my couple choices I had in mind for my budget for that rifles new glass probably been 2 months going back n forth. I ended up bitting the bullet on the Arken ep4 for that rifle combo. For similar money, hopefully in my hands next week.

    Anyway had a good ol laugh of the Vid

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    hahhaa get me a jap tasco then led into "I didnt know you were ambidextrous" fuck I lost it haha

    thanks Skip.


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      word around the ranges is that you are ambidextrous Dan

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      Well Fish we all know you can't get that stupid pulling just one dick!

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    Is a funny vid, I’m quite happy with my Strike eagle though..


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      Turrets like twisting a fat titty..... fuck that was the best Hitler vid yet.
      Not suitable for mature audiences


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        Originally posted by several View Post
        Turrets like twisting a fat titty..... fuck that was the best Hitler vid yet.
        And that is why I like my Strike Eagle


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          I was so close to slapping coin down on the Strike eagle. The whole thing being made in China Inc the glass from China had me off considering the $1459 price I was quoted at my lgs.

          The final nail was when I got to see one turn up to the range the turret clicks where as positive as mashed potato.... He had probably a dud or something else happened too it, dunno.... But it turned me away, vortex went from solid clicks on there pst too a system that was like a playing card pegged onto your bike hitting the spokes.

          From the 4 scopes I had lined up to pick from I ended going with the Arken ep4 and the arken 20moa one piece rail system for a little under the $1459 I was quoted for the VSE.

          Owned a few original PST scopes from Vortex... But this new VSE just was a no from me, given what I seen and felt for the money.

          I'm taking a gamble on the ep4 as I haven't seen it in the flesh or used one of there sxopes. They greentree there tracking the ep4 use Ed jap glass and a life time warranty simple zero stop system. But if its like the original vortex scopes I took a punt on many years ago, should be bang for buck scope. Guess I have to wait too eat my words or be a happy vegimite.

          The Burris Tac came close.... But I couldn't find any in Aus that was in stock.

          The other was a bushnell era erx or something along the lines off... There $1600 one not there 3300 line up.


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            Sounds fair mate, the Arken scopes look like nice bits of gear.
            I got one of the first batch of Strike Eagles in the country, paid $1069 back then I think.
            side by side with my PST gen 1 see’s the Strike Eagle with better glass and eyebox, clicks are similar on both with the PST slightly nicer feel but there is not much in it. Only real negative I can find with the SE is how stiff the parallax turret is..