Sightron S1 4-12x40 AO = awesome!!!

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  • Sightron S1 4-12x40 AO = awesome!!!

    Hi guys,

    Just a review on and my new Sightron S1 scope

    Scope arrived with Burris signature Rings in record time and for $250 all up including postage!! I didn't know what to expect from this scope as my last scope was a Leupold VX2 3-9 which was mounted to a 10/22 for possum shooting at night and the optics on that where amasing.. Pulled the scope out and was not expecting the quality to be so superb!! Had a look through the scope around the neighborhood and I would compare the optics on par if not slightly better than the VX2 which I wasn't expecting extremely bright and clear.. I havnt mounted the scope yet I will over the Christmas Holidays and get back to you how it holds up on the .22 but im sure it will be fine

    So for price you cannot go wrong it takes on the expensive brands head on!!

    Now I know the QC wont be anywhere on par with Leupold and thats what you pay for but some of these cheaper scopes comming through now are bridging that gap between cheap and elite it seems

    And great is all i can say highly recommended!!



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    Would love to know how it goes because I'm tossing to spend a little now or just go all out