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  • Very low zero

    I have a new leupold on my 308.

    With centered clicks l/r and up/down it is shooting 100mm low at 50 metres.

    As I want to go 50mm high at 100m will I run out of clicks?

    I like to have scopes zeroed as close to center as possible as I find they keep there zero better.

    Thinking I might need to shim something.

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    You'll have to shin the rear mount to bring your zero up. Not by much though, maybe 10thou or so. Just be careful you don't damage the scope by having it mis aligned in the mounts. If it was me id just use the elevation adjustment. 150mm is only 6" or 6moa at 100y. Your scope would have more like 40 or 50moa or more depending on model. I don't think it will have any effect on it holding zero.


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      +1 as long as are no other issues thats the correct way. Then zero your knobs depending on scope. Have fun!