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    Anyone bought from this mob lately whats the turn around for a scope to oz? cheers

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    Don't do optics planet, there are a list of reasons why they are no good.

    Try 4 scops or my favorite is the rifle scope store


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      I've bought 3 scopes from Optics Planet. They usually have the best sales imo and right now have a 5% minimum store wide sale.
      I've found the shipping a little slow as the website doesn't update the stock regularly. Always best to shoot them an email to see if currently in stock!



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        I've bought a few things from them, never had any real issues though haven't bought a scope from them for awhile.

        I agree about the shipping, mine was dead slow last time
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          Beware, many many products are not in stock, so you may wait while before they ship......

          There are better companies to deal with.


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            I once purchased a stock from them,
            they didnt let me know that it wasnt in stock i was waiting for about 2 months then i was like wtf wheres my scope they told me after a week from that email that they had them back ordered and should be in there warehouse in another month.
            So i cancelled my order and wasted 2 friggen months