My PST lost zero

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  • My PST lost zero

    Fell off the roof of the car when I opened the back, caught it but it knocked the scope on the way down.

    3moa up and 5 to the right, no wonder I shot like shit all night .

    Hoping the fall was more severe than I think, haven't lost faith but haven't heard of one dropping zero so I thought I'd put it out there!

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    What's a PST? Just re zero it, whatever it is, and see what happens. If it's no good get another have stuffed it.
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      @ sambar country, its a vortex pst scope....

      They have an unconditional lifetime warranty, zero it again, gently shake it, confirm the zero, if its all good then hakunamatata, if its stuffed then send it back....
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        It must have taken a reasonable knock to the scope to put it out. Just re zero and all will be good.

        I'd think twice about sitting a rifle on the roof though....


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          was sitting with the bipod out and the butt was just on the tailgate door, opened him up and it slipped back.