reccomend me a scope around $400 for close range

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  • reccomend me a scope around $400 for close range

    gday guys i have a sako blackbear in 30/06 which i use for pigs, goats and the occasional deer

    large majority of shots are within 100m

    i was keen on a zeiss terra 2-7x32 but read some reviews that they arent so flash

    the main constraints are

    1 inch tube
    smaller then 3-9x40
    less then $500

    cheers guys

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    You can get a Leupold VX2 2-7x33 for around $350 delvered if you buy online from the 'States from these guys:

    I've bought 2x Leupold VX2s from them (a 3-9x40 for my .308 and a 6-18x40 AO for my .223 varmint) and they are quality glass for the money.


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      Just ordered a Redfield Revolution 3x9x40 with leupold accessories, being sunshade and scope covers and burris Sign zee rings from theriflescopestore in the US, should be here this week.


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        See the about a 1X red dot...I use an Aimpoint, but out of your budget. There are cheaper ones around though. Don't need magnification depending what size animal you are shooting at close ranges.
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          Nikon 4x32? will fit the bill ( can be had for about $200 local )

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        Get a fixed power 4x or 6x with a duplex retical. Don't laugh but I use a 30yo 4x Nikko sterling on my No4 mk1 and its rugged, fuss free, and has clear glass.


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          theres nothing wrong with a 1 inch tube for the type of scope you describe (in fact I would prefer it purely from a weight/bulk perspective)

          if you like a 30mm tube the leupold VXR 1.25-4 are compact and VERY quick to get on target

        • NoFerals
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          Yeah ! I am not laughing I have two old model Nikkos both in 8 x 50 and they have been on lots of rifles up to 303 /308 and both are still going fine.
          However that was then and today is today and I don`t recommend the brand any more after it stopped being made in Yappan --AH so !.
          The old ones were good though.
          The later ones just gobbled up money in the night
          Leupold will see me out VX3 - L series 4-14 x 50 VR majic --- 8-26 x 50 Target work , and yes they are a tad short and mounting can be a problem if its not located just right and on some rifles that is a must check first to get it right.
          Mean while the old 8x50 is sulking on an old #4 as it does not see much use.
          Great scrub gun with heavy projectiles and a fast target barrel --- all chopped down and ugly sacrilege -- its a stopper though and is fast to handle --just a jumpy bugger.
          On a 308 those 8 x`s have dropped goats at some ridiculous ranges as well --- there`s enough field of view to lead them by up to a full animal length when they bolt and wont stop ... eyes are getting tired so I need more and I can`t fault loopys.

          Originally posted by xbrute" post=37649
          Get a fixed power 4x or 6x with a duplex retical. Don't laugh but I use a 30yo 4x Nikko sterling on my No4 mk1 and its rugged, fuss free, and has clear glass.

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        Hi, I've got a vx2 2-7x33 and a FX II 6x36, I reckon their both great scopes for the dollars($350 delivered US). Between the 2 the vx2 has the edge in glass IMHO. I was keen on a Zeiss terra as well, but the extra weight and what looks to be plastic turret caps put me off.


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          yeah thats abit of a downfall with ziess' even the more expensive models have plastic turret caps, that doesnt concern me though just the reports i read online about it not being clear to the edges

          trying to choose between the
          1.75-6x32 vx3
          and the 2-7x33 vx2

          is there much of a difference between the vx2 and vx3


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            Weaver 2- 10 x 38. Putting one on my 308


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              Picked up a Nikom pro staff 5 2.5-10x40 . Delivered from the us with leupold prw rings for 350

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            Just a thought, some of the compact leupolds can be a bit short in tube length and can be a bit tricky to mount on some L/A rifles. I'm not familiar with the sako mounting system so it maybe a non issue.


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              Meopro 3-9 cheap on ebay
              eBay this 331074294493
              350 is cheap , there nice but large occular
              I have 2-7x28 leupold ultralight on my blr308
              And 1.5-4x20 leupold on 45/70
              You have a bit of reach available at 2-7


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                What does anyone think of the 1.75-6x32 leupold. It's actual mag stats are 1.9-5.5

                Would that be good for the close stuff and the far stuff. Adelaide gun shops never have any of this stuff in stock so can't look trough one

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              maybe one of the old school weaver steel tubes
              K4 or K6 perhaps.
              I got a couple on my scrub guns, they are tough scopes,....with great cross hairs.


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                I've got a Sightron Big Sky 6x42 on a .22 that'd be nearly perfect for what you're describing. Great optics for around $380 delivered.


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                  I've got a Millet DMS 1-4x24 illuminated reticle I'm thinking about putting in the marketplace soon.


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                    Thinking IFI was going to need another scope and for running targets in particular I would have a vry close look at these firedot styles.
                    Simply because any scope like that will tend to focus the shooters attention on the dot and the target while ignoring other distractions so it seems it would be a good thing.
                    A bit like looking through a small opening or iris on a target metal style sight, its all focused on what you need and no more.
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                      I've been hunting for over 20yrs. A good secondhand Euro scope will serve you better than any new septic rubbish. On my 30"06 I use a 3-9 Sworovski. What ever you end up choosing, keep the power low for better field of view; and any bigger objective lense than about 37mm has diminished light gathering capability. Lastly, go as low as can with the rings so you can get on the stock comb better.