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  • Where to buy an EOTECH

    Hi, I was thinking of putting an EOTECH 512 on my Rossi Circuit Judge maybe putting it on a 7615 in the distant future. Regardless where can you buy them in Australia anyone had any experiences in buying one?
    Always in need of just one more gun.

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    Ive got a eotech exps2 with the quick release lever, Uses 1 x 123 battery nice and light and shorter then the 512 model. I love it used it a couple of times . They go for around 600 though .


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      Where did you get it from though?

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    Here you go mate, I've bought a few Eotech optics from them.

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      There's one in the classifieds $300 I think.


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        Try The Optic Zone, I have bought 3 off them, great to deal with.

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        Originally posted by Robar" post=37537
        There's one in the classifieds $300 I think.
        Not anymore, its at my place.
        As at about 2.5 weeks ago.

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      $750 is about as cheap as you can get them in Australia. Nioa is the agent so most LGS can get them in.

      LEt me know how you like it, i want one for my 30/30/


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        The only thing to remember about the Eotech is that it's designed for a flat-top AR15. Putting it on a conventional rifle will work, but you may need to find a method of raising comb height of the stock - if you don't want a chinweld.

        There's a couple of other things I don't like about them, but that's just my kinks and fetishes.
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