Bushnell Tactical Elite 4.5-30 or Nightforce 12-42 Benchrest

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  • Bushnell Tactical Elite 4.5-30 or Nightforce 12-42 Benchrest

    G'day Gents,
    Following forum advice, I have ditched the idea of putting a budget scope on my new target rig.

    I can get my hands on a used nightforce benchrest 12-42 for a song, and have also been looking at a bushnell tactical elite 6500 4.5-30 for some 300-400 bucks less (both used).

    Intended use is beginner f-class (shooting 30. I know the nightforce would be a better quality scope, but I feel that with a minimum 12x zoom and lack of target style turrets, it is a one trick pony, whereas the bushnell would (if I ever felt the need) allow for some long range hunting etc.

    Any tips?

    EDIT: neither would be my first choice if my pockets were deeper, they are just a couple of bargains on the local used market at present

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    Do you mean tactical turrets? cause the NF BR has target turrets...

    Yoru right, the BR would be a bit fidelly in the field, but no unusable. IMO opinion though, if you want to be competitve the NF BR will give you an edge with the higher magnification.

    Depends what you want.

    Remember you cant compare apples to toy cars..

    Compare the NF NXS model the the Bushnell and game on......


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        Thanks fellas - tactical turrets was indeed what I meant.

        Nightforce looks like it will get the leg up!