Help Required.... Identify manufacturer...please...

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  • Help Required.... Identify manufacturer...please...

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer/maker of this scope reticle?
    Maybe the aluminium container is a clue, no markings on the container or reticle,
    but there is a brown paper wrapper on the container..... with what looks like
    I thought the numbers may mean 0.007 as in thousandths of an inch reticle diam??
    Any thoughts gents?

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    Not a sausage of a clue, but aren't they flimsy crosshairs! I don't know why they are not made of flat thin bar laid on its edge. Much more robust IMO


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      the tube looks too heavy to be part of any rifle scope i've ever seen. that said there is no reference of scale so it's hard to tell how big the item is. do you think it could be part of a telescope or spotting scope used for astronomy?



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        The reticle tube is 23mm diam x 27mm long.....