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    Constantly asking yourself which 5-25x optic you should drop $3000-$4000 on? Which scope should I put on my tikka/savage/howa/sako/Remington/Winchester so I can hit a can of tomato soup at 1600m just like the worlds most famous sniper, Bob lee Swagger?

    Then have a read through Ilya's 4th review covering the top end high mag tactical optics available. Like his previous reviews it's again well written and unbiased. Finish that one and still have questions? then go back and read his earlier comparisons, there's a lot of good information on his site.

    Link to the write up. Click here.



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    Good post - I liked the write up and I thought his conclusion was spot on "Finally, here is the million dollar question: if I had the money which one of them would I buy? I’ll be damned if I know."

    I had the same problem when I finally had enough money to get a top end scope. In the end it came down to they were all very good with small differences, I like most things on all of them and the only criticism I had was that I like some things less on some (this doesn't mean dislike). The scope I picked in the end was the March because it had the edge in high magnification resolution (to my eyes).

    And the only thing I can say is that I'm very happy with it and don't regret its purchase.

    PS trying to get your hands on these scopes all at one time to do the back to back comparison was impossible for me - three was the best I could do for a few hours. The differences are pretty small and if you don't have them side by side you would probably never realize or pick the differences.


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      Yep, unless you extremely lucky to have either mates with expensive toys, or a well stocked local shop with quality optics on the shelf it's very hard to get a good first hand comparison of features and glass with your own eye. Very few of us have the ability to throw cash at any thing in this game on a whim, and unfortunately research only goes so far, but comparative reviews like these do well to narrow your choices.