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  • Quick release and holding zero

    Thinking of getting an red dot (for close scrub work) and also a 2-10 or 3-9 scope for night work and was thinking of getting some leupold quick release mounts etc for each scope..
    Easy swap depending on what/where I'm hunting..
    Gun is a BLR and wondering how well this sort of option holds zero. I know people are gonna say don't swap, but I'm keen to hear other peoples thoughts.. LGS reckons its a great option if done right..
    Not looking for bench rest precision, just good enough for pigs etc

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    Hey Browning,

    They come back to within 0.5 moa for me on alloy bases - they might return to zero better on steel bases though?

    Either way it will fine for medium sized animals for scrub work and spotlighting duties


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      Editing a comment
      Hi there Browning.

      I asked a similar question a while back and the consensus i got was that the Leupold & Weaver models didn't return very well to zero. If Nuthead says they do so at 0.5 MOA and you are happy with that, then go for it. This not my personal experience but a sum up of all info i was given when i asked the question.

      Personally i have decided (when the time comes) to shell out on something more like this:

      or this

      Ridiculously expensive? Yes, it probably is. However, as i want one high quality scope to swap between two rifles it still works out cheaper than 2 good scopes. I'd need 2 bases and 1 set of rings. Maybe not feasible for 2 sights 1 rifle set up, though.

      Just some food for thought.



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    Yes you will need good ones.
    The QD mounts on my Steyr SSG P1 worked perfectly. No re-zeroing at all needed, and I was shooting out a long way.


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      EAW pivot mounts are top shelf and fitted correctly will absolutely hold zero. they are very expensive but if your going to be removing the scope regularly they are quick, accurate and reliable.