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    I am doing some scope swapping as I have just picked up a very nice old 6.6x20x40 vari-x 111 leupold for my howa 243.
    I have 22hornet brno fox,no 4 303 and win320 22.
    Scopes are 3x9x40 bushnell elite,vx1 3x9x40 leupold and old m8 6x leupold.
    Any ideas for what scope for what gun.
    hornet is mainly ute night gun,303 will be bush paddock gun and 22 is mainly around house and some paddock.
    Help too many decisions!!!!

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    I am thinking the 6X on the 22 and out of the other two, choose the one with the clearest optics for the spot lighting on the 22 hornet. That only leaves one scope and one rifle which I'm sure you could work out... Easy!!


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      What he ^^^^ said.


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        Thanks guys.
        Have been mucking around all day trying different combos,and at the moment; vx1 on hornet,bushnell on 22,and little compact 6x leupold on 303 because it looks great and feels right.will see how they go.Then again I get bored easily so who knows!