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  • Spuhr mount question

    Hey guys where can i find dimensions for spuhr mounts, specificaly the distance between the rings. Wanting to see if my USO sn3 will sit in there.

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    You can always email Hakan Spuhr directly, who designed it, and he can advise you as he deals with technical support. His customer service is really good.


    I emailed him on a Sunday and had my answer within a couple of hours. He even put up a video on Youtube for me demonstrating the clearance for ejected brass cases (which was one of my questions).

    It's only Monday morning in Sweden, where Spuhr is located, so with a bit of luck you should have your answer before tomorrow morning (aussie time).



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      Got to agree on how helpful Hakan Spuhr is.

      I contacted him by email regarding dimensions and he emailed be complete drawings for the mount. Unfortunately they are on another PC otherwise I would post them here.

      The boys at Delta Tactical are also great to deal with.

      They really are great mounts.


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    Found the PDF Drawings.

    57mm 92.24 inches) between rings.
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      Thanks for that. I did my measurements but despite my best efforts its just not going to suit my needs. The Erek knob just sticks out too far. Im going to order rings and piccatiny base from badgers. The other thing with the spuhr is that the bubble level will/may not be visible with the large magnification adjust knob. So i will have to use a sidemounted level.