adjusting mounts for elevation?

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  • adjusting mounts for elevation?

    Since asking about my Simmons scope running out of adjustment Iv put the Leupold 2-7x33 (unfortunately its a Crossbones model, wiiiiiiiide mildots) and my Millet Angle Locs on my .22 Brno.

    I managed to get the windage pretty good adjusting the mounts rather than the scope, to keep it centred.

    The elevation was out so I just used the turrets,

    Is there any value in lowering the front mount to adjust for elevation or just wind it on target with the turret?

    Looking at the scope and angle-locs in place. they are begging to be rubbed on a file to angle them down at the front.

    Much point in doing this?

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    Could result in rings being out of alignment and distorting scope tube when tightened. If everything is straight there should be plenty of elevation left at .22 ranges. NBT