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  • Long Range Scope?

    So now i have my 12LRP in .260 i need to find a good scope for it

    The scope needs to be capble of shooting between 100m and 1000m but most shots will be max of 500m
    the LGS says Nightforce is the best bet but seeing as there don't stock them i can't really look at them

    the budget has got to be a max of $2k
    and the gun is purely for range shooting so weight is not a problem

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    nightforce definitely are good,.....but if you want some others;
    for range shooting and hunting, some of the following may be of interest;

    sightron s3
    vortex pst
    leupold vx3
    weaver t-series
    march (probably 2nd hand at that price)


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      I haven't had a lot of experience with a lot of different brands but I do love Nightforce scopes. What sort of range work are you going to be doing?

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    atm it's only about hittig the target at 1km but i have been thinking of shooting F Class


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      Originally posted by Rat man407" post=20542
      atm it's only about hittig the target at 1km but i have been thinking of shooting F Class
      As I said, my only real experience with high end optics has been with Nightforce. For my normal long range shooting I really like my 5.5-22x56 NXS (100moa), fantastic bit of gear and I have not been disappointed at all with them. I did find that I wanted more magnification for F-Class along with .125moa clicks, this led to the 15-55x52 Competition (60moa) scope. I have only just got it so can't really comment yet, although I did get to use one at the range at that extra magnification is absolutely brilliant for F-Class.

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    Check the Bushnell Tactical Elite 2.5-21X50 Mil/Mil with first focal plane, zero stop. Fantastic scope I have it on my 308, you will get out to 1000m without a MOA rail. You can dial up and down all day with no issues. My buddy has an Nightforce F1 and I would have this over the nightforce, bushnell have done there homework on this one and catered to the long range shooter. Do a search I am sure Pody of this forum did a review on one.



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      Sightron s3 20x fixed 140 built in moa great scope for the money.

      No rail needed. But I have one on my 6.5x47 I have 120 moa left to dial ( should get me out too 2040 yards of I need it too with 940 fps for the 130 vld

      My 20x has seen action on every one of my rifles

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    Never looked through one so cant say too much about them, but they get a good writeup as other members have said. Good price to.




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      Great cal and in a savage nice
      Scope , I think if you get the right advise from these guys in here who shoot long range, and then you do searching the net for prices .
      Then you should be able to get a great piece of glass for that Savage 12
      Welcome to the 260 club
      Marlin 1894 .44rem mag
      Tikka T3 Super Varmint .260rem
      Savage Axis XP Camo .260rem
      Ruger American .22wmr
      BSA SuperSport XL .22
      Adler A110 Synthetic 20" 12ga
      Boito Miura U/O 12ga


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        I'd consider a zeiss hd5 with target turrets for around $1200


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          If you are looking for a target scope there are a few thngs to look for

          1/8moa clicks. Once you get out there there's nothing more frustrating than wanting to click an inch left at 500m and finding out your .1mil turrets move your fall of shot 2" left

          Fine crosshairs or dot reticle. Heavy crosshairs and overly busy reticle a can be distracting and hard to focus on when you're concentrating hard on wind, mirage and technique

          Second focal plane. I'm sure the latest trend towards FFP and range finding reticles has a place in field shooting at unknown distances but for target shooting at known distances I'd recommend SFP. This also comes back to reticle choice as with a FFP scope the reticle is magnified as you wind up the scope magnification. Not desirable if your hold point on the target is obscured by a fat black line.

          Quality glass. Glass quality becomes more important in poor light however at high magnification. Buy form a reputable manufacturer and you can be assured of a good result.

          I bought a sightron Siii 10-50X60 for my long range target rifle. I shot at Batemans bay this year at 500m in varing light conditions, from a dark rainy morning to bright sunny patches and although i didn't shoot well every ting I looked at the target at 500m I could see my 7mm bullet holes and the fly I was trying to hit. My wife was using a loan rifle with a weaver T36 and had trouble making out the target when the light wasn't good. But looking through the entry list at equipment I realised that almost all the top 10-15 used nightforce BR scopes. Guess I had to fit in so I bought a used 12-42X56 BR. Why the BR? It's lighter and cheaper than the NXS and I don't need big chunky turrets.



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            thanks for the info, i am ,looking for a scope to put on my 300 win mag,this FFP and SFP had me a bit confused

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          I have two from the Bushnell tactical elite series a 5-15X40 mildot SFP and a 6-24X50 G2DMR FFP. i highly rate them. both are less than 1k. but i would be recommending the Bushnell ERS for Sub 2k.


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            I have a Sightron S3 8-32 and use it in Fclass.

            It is a top scope for the money.

            Mine has the MOA2 reticle. I have not found the reticle to clutter my view but in saying that I have not found much use for the subtensions.
            On 32 power they are just over 1MOA per increment and IMO it is too much of a step for target shooting.

            I find unless they are exactly where I want them to be for the hold I dont bother using them. The target has clear markings which I know the size of and the relevance in MOA. I choose my hold on the target in relation to the white rings and then place the center dot on this point.

            I do not dial wind and this system works well. I am sure if conditions get real bad I will have to either dial and use the dot or start using the indexes.
            I am yet to shoot in wind that strong.

            I have never found the 32x limited in magnification.
            In saying that I am considering selling and purchasing the 50x version with fine dot.
            When you are next to blokes shooting with 42-80 power scopes I am left wondering if the extra mag would help.