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  • Run out of adjustment

    I have a Simmons 4-12 x 42 scope on my .22 rimfire with Warne rimfire mounts.

    When I tried to click the crosshairs down so they were on a group a few inches low at 35 metres, I find its out of adjustment. About 5 clicks and it hits the stop.

    I didnt actually check if I was winding it in the right direction, just 5 clicks one way and it hits the end.

    (I have since checked I cant wind the crosshairs DOWN)

    I don't want to go to too much bother, but is there a way I can get some more adjustment?

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    If you've tried swapping rings around with no luck then just cut a piece out of a soft drink can and slip it under the bottom half of the required scope ring.


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      As mentioned you can shim the rings. The scope should have plenty more adjustment than what you have mentioned, I would double check the mounts to make sure they are seating in the grooves properly. If all else fails Burris make rings with inserts to add elevation, or upgrade scope.

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    Re centre the erector tube and zero the scope again.
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      Burris Signature rings, you can get them for picatinny bases or standard rimfire dovetails. Buy a pack of the offset inserts which can give you up to 30 MOA of additional adjustment.


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        What mounts are you using you may just be able to zero it on your mouts so you have even amount of windage on each side or next option will be packing the rings at back or front if your elevation is issue simple fix


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          I had the same problem so I took the scope rings of & put a different set on & it worked spot on, & an ezy fix

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        Try setting up the scope to be spot on (ZEROED) at 100Metres
        Low at 35metres is Weird thinking even for a 22LR
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          this may sound a bit stupid but,...............
          do you have enough room between your scope and your action to roll your scope around 180 degrees?
          very unconventional but,........if its just a hunting rifle,.........


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            Good thinking, but Iv taken it off now thanks, It could roll anti clockwise easily enough ill fiddle with it and see if it would work!