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  • 20mw lasers

    At the field days on Sunday was a bloke from Melbourne selling 20mw laser sights(pointers)
    Awesome that you could see the dot at about 80mtrs in broad daylight.
    Anyone got one or used one?

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    daylight brightness is not the main concern for a laser it is the moa if you are going to use it as a night sight....

    and I think 20mw will get you into hot water in any state


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      I use to have a 5 mw on my air rifle although the recoil of the gun would eventually move it off my zero,then some bright sparks started pointing them at planes and helicopters and now in SA they are banned and illegal to own--much like a lot of guns these days


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        You can get permission to own one by joining an Astronomy club, they use them for pointing out constellations and whatnot. If you're looking at buying one, you can't import a working laser pointer of any decent power legally, but you can import the parts to build one pretty easily. Laser modules are allowed in by customs.

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      I used to have a 20mw green laser that a chinese importer local to me had come in, my wife baught it for 20 bux cos it was pretty, it broke in a few months but was awesome while it lasted


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        20mW is pretty bright. I know most people figure lasers to be good fun, but the green lasers that aren't well made can have IR output power several times over what the green power puts out, so a 20mW might well put out over 100 mW. It's worth being careful with them, because that's enough power to cause instant eye damage with even a brief exposure. Messing with one of these in the house is a little like messing with a loaded rifle in the house. Not something I'd advise.

        Also, there are many laws regarding lasers at different power levels. Customs may enforce import laws, but there are corresponding radiation laws in each state also, which govern use also.

        Also, having just checked, I'm not so sure modules can be brought in anymore. I'll do some further investigation.

        March this year: http://customs.gov.au/faq/ProhibitedRestrictedGoods3.asp -
        "Laser modules only and kits to make a laser module (not a laser) are not controlled."

        September this year: http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4372.asp
        Laser Pointers;
        laser pointers; laser pens; laser sights for firearms or other weapons;
        laser modules; laser diodes; laser lighting;

        Expect the rules the change again... If there's even a whiff of someone using a loophole, you can be sure they'll close it.


        p.s. 1mW for Night Vision use is VERY powerful.

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      I grabbed a 5mw one through Ebay. They are pretty cheap so for whatever reason it doesn't make it - no big deal. I had it on a shotty but the recoil proved a tad too much for it. It required a bit of a rebuild and some silicon tossed into all the spaces that could be moved. Now the dog plays with it :lol: It's like anything really. As long as you're not doing stupid things like pointing it at aircraft or cars or neighbors eyes :P I figured it was going to sit on the end of a shotgun anyway.