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  • Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 Mrad

    Hey guys, first post here (go easy!)
    Im in the process of looking for a scope in the $750 - $1000 price range. I've heard great things about PST's and want something with a mildot reticle. Any first hand experiences on these at all? Any other recommendations in that price bracket?
    It's going on a Remington 5r which will be used for bench only. Looking at top magnification around 24x and would like mil/mil.
    Thanks in advance guys.


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    I have a viper pst 6-24x50 on a tikka super varmint 223 mrad it is a great scope and you can't go wrong with the warranty


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      If it's a bench only rifle you don't need low power , mil reticules or external adjustments that much
      36 x Leupold or Weaver with 1/8 Moa turrets and a fine dot reticle works good on BR targets.
      Once you are sighted in you do your hold offs on the target rings not by cranking the turrets or hash marks on the reticle so much .
      The vortex would do it mechanically but the optics are not as good as a 36 x Leupold to my eyes anyway .
      Might be worth looking at what other bench rest shooters use and go from there.
      Vortex do have very good warranty though.


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        Thanks for the info guys.
        Much appreciated.
        Yeah the warranty seems pretty good.
        Its not really for competition benchrest so to speak but more for general paper punching. I like the idea of mildot as I can do holdoffs that way. Is something like a 36 power be too much? 24 power would be enough? Shooting from 100 to 500 meters. (little river)

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      If you don't necessarily need the FFP and other features you could probably get better glass (sightron 3 perhaps) for the same price. But for a mil/mil FFP scope it can't be beaten unless you start to spend a lot more. Make sure you get the turret adjustments in 0.1Mrad (for some reason they make a model with moa turret adjustments). I've got one on my Savage LRP in .260.
      Click image for larger version

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        I have just mounted a Vortex Viper 6-24 x 50 on my Steyr Pro Hunter. In my opinion it's too much scope for the rifle. BUT, I love it! What a scope! Crystal clear, was the comment two other shooters at the range. The FFP will take a bit a getting used to but definitely a scope I don't regret buying.

        I'm not sure I'd put it on my rifle I use for benchrest though. A Nightforce 12-42 sits atop that rifle.



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          Haha. Spanner in the works with sightron s111's. I never realised they came in .1 mrad adjustments, always thought they were only MOA. Doh!
          May have to have a look also. Thanks skip once again, they're right in my price range to.
          Like I said, no competition just for paper punching for nowso I think 24x is plenty.

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        The only thing is the Vortex has a zero stop and I am not sure the Sightron does . So if you are going to twiddle that elevation knob a zero stop is very handy .


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          Originally posted by Happy jack" post=15344
          The only thing is the Vortex has a zero stop and I am not sure the Sightron does . So if you are going to twiddle that elevation knob a zero stop is very handy .
          Agreed (bugger, no thumbs up smiley here )

          Sightron now do FFP Mrad too if you are still that way inclined.
          Very much a direct competitor to the Viper in matching Mags, price & features.


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          I've got a PST 4-16x50 PST FFP on my 243 Weatherby MKV Accumark. Only reason I didn't get the 6-24, was they didn't have any in stock at that particular time.

          Do I love the scope? That's a massive understatement. This scope is as good as the rifle. I suppose I could have got a NF to match the price of the bang stick, but for the dollar value you can't get any better.

          I have mine in MOA and with calculations from my phone app, it's pretty spot on with hold over/under up to the 500m mark. I suppose I could dial in, but I find it pretty easy to hold the hash where ever I need and pull the trigger. Mr Fox at 200m last night didn't complain, didn’t even yelp......bang/dead. Our range here is only at the 500m mark so that's all I've had a go at, but I feel confident if I was to shoot further it'll be spot on.

          Go the Viper, they're awesome for the price. Crystal clear, audible clicks and tight adjustments. Zero stop is an added bonus as well as all the visual extra's for the scope eg: all numbers on turrents, magnification and illumination is facing the shooter so you don't need to take your head that far off the rifle to adjust.

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        I have the 6-24x50FFP Mrad and it's great, I had the original version and it just got replaced under warranty, I now have the new version. Both scopes have been awesome, I have not had the opportunity to hunt with them yet though only the range.

        I can see the holes from the .308 in the standard SSAA targets at 200y although they do disappear sometimes when they are holes in the red rings, they are easy to see in the white. It's harder to see .223 holes but you can in the white parts of the target.

        I have the 4-16xFFP Mrad on my .22 and that's also a very good scope although it is the older version with the rubber ring for zoom.
        I must agree that after actually using it on the rifle, the new version is slightly nicer and there's obviously no rubber ring to damage/wear.

        Last time I checked the 4-16xFFP Mrad was around $900 and the 6-24xFFP Mrad was around $930-$950 iirc.

        I haven't looked through a sightron or similar or a more expensive scope, though I'd like to compare with a different scope but everyone who's looked through either of mine has been very impressed.