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  • Cheap stuff good fun

    My new fave thing to do at the mo' is make cheap crap worth the while. I got a scope torch laser combo of ebay for $16 delivered. Came with mounts,they border on plastic, but are actually metal.The scope is a ,sorry,claims to be, a Bushnell 3-9x40 with illuminated reticle,red or green.The usefullness of IRs I'm yet to figure out,they mostly just outshine the field of view in any light. Anyhow, I used a set of Leupold mounts and wacked it on the Tikka .308 and went and got the cheapest factory ammo I could buy,"American Eagle 7.62x51 OTM forM1A use" and blow me down, but in 20 rounds I've actually got it shooting 3 shot groups of about 3-4 inches at 200 metres and, the scope hasn't s%^t itself yet. Who'd have thought possible eh?
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    Sounds like you got your $16 worth of fun right there.


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      The AE 168gn M1A OTM, for cheap ammo is quite good.

      The bushnell 3-9, hmmm can't say the same...


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    It was worth it just for the torch it has an incredible far reaching spot beam and the scope seems to be coping,I've found its the click value on the turrets that are suspect. 1 click either way works out to be about 25 mm at 200 m .It seems to be able to get me into the feral dog headshot possibility at 200 but, so it will be interesting to see how it goes long term.
    do un to others as you would have others do un to you.