Scope Ring Height and Clearance Calculator

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  • Scope Ring Height and Clearance Calculator

    One of the age old questions besides "What .22 should I buy?" is "What height rings do I need?". You will get loads of people giving their opinion on what algebra formula to use and to the noobs this is rather confusing. Should it be? NO!

    Here we have an online and simple calculator that just needs some measurements. Add in your OB OD, Cover thickness, Ring height and scope mount+barrel taper height and calculate. It will give you the height your scope will be above your barrel or if it will interfere.

    Best thing about the calculator is all you need is the manufacturers measurements from their site and you will soon see if the scope, rings and bases combo will work for you.

    Calculator Click Here

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    Thanks mate, very helpful.


    • sirus17
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      does it also calculate bolt lift?? haha :lol:
      still best way is to go down to the lgs and test them (if they let you ..grrr)

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    Calculator Click Here The line above the picture


    • Gwion
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      Originally posted by DocHollowPoint" post=12331
      Calculator Click Here The line above the picture
      Right you are, Doc.... thanks. by the way.
      Can you edit the link so the "click here" is a different colour: make it easier to find for dingbats like me in future!??! I was clicking like mad on the pic, as that's how i read the "click here" instruction.



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    Thank you sir a very useful tool I will keep around.
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      Then there's me having months of confusion culminate in begging a single piece of graph paper to draw it out on... Anyway this'll save me a bit of hassle for next time.
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