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  • Scope for Ruger Gunsite Scout

    I'm after recommendations for a scope for this rifle. It will be in the conventional position, not forward in "scout" style.

    Never had a 308, so a little unsure if a 2.5 - 10 x 40 will do the trick?


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    Probably best to tell what you plan to do with the rifle, and what distances you're aiming for.


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      Well, being a Scout rifle - multi purpose - , its for pigs in close and out to 3 - 400 yards and for hiking into Deer country in Vic.

      I've never shot at anything beyond 200mts, so I'm not sure what range magnification will work. For the close stuff, I will obviously wind it back to say 2.5, but will 10x be enough at 400 yds?

      I also want to keep the scope as compact as possible, without spending more than $500 and preferably, somewhere in the $3 - 500 range.

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    Leupold VX3 2.5-8x36 or similar. Can still get a 7mm exit pupil at 5x mag for shooting at dawn or dusk although you will have it on its lowest power 95% of the time. 1.75-6x32 might be better..

    You want a 1 inch tube to use the factory rings. Wouldn't go for too much magnification (won't use it) or too big an objective lens (too heavy/bulky) if it were me.


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      I run a Leupold VX2 3-9x40 on mine, which I use for both hunting and shooting out to 300m at the range. If I were using my Scout purely for hunting then I'd probably choose a Leupold 2-7x33 just for the lighter & slightly more compact design and the ability to wind it right down to 2x when taking shots on the run in tight scrub (the only time I use 9x on my scope is when I'm shooting 200m or more at the range; when the rifle's slung on my shoulder out in the bush the scope lives on 3x).

      I did a bit of research when I was looking to scope my scout and came to the conclusion that a 3-9x40 seems to be the ideal all-purpose hunting scope.; once you start dealing with scopes with magnification powers in the high teens and big 50mm objectives you start to compromise the portability and compactness of the short-barrelled "take anywhere" Scout rifle because you suddenly have a big & heavy long-range scope perched up on top of it.

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    as an owner of a Ruger scout i have tried and owned all sorts of optics for it .
    To start i had an Extended eye relief Leupold VXII 1.5-4X28 Scout Scope . awesome hunting scope due to the nice light weight and great eye relief .
    i had bagged my first Sambar deer with it and loved it! i have shot maximum 500m with it at the range hiting the steel plates but as i like to do some target work the reticle wasnt made for it and the magnification was a little on the low side .
    i also purchased a Eotech XPS2 holographic sight that i still own , and tried that on the scout which made it a perfect scrub gun . but then again comes at a cost with no magnification / holdovers . so then i thought of the idea of going back to a conventional scope and since i own a few Vortex scopes why not try another one for the ruger scout.
    at the right time i was looking came up a Vortex PST 2.5-10x44 mrad . let me tell you for a scrub gun and those longer shots IMO its perfect .
    leave it down on 2.5X when stalking and If a across valley shot is required crank it to 10X and away you go . specialy with the Reticle holdovers makes it alot easier!
    my Scout now weres this scope full time because it suits all my needs !

    couple of pics as it looks now
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      Thanks for the input guys. I reckon 2.5 - 10x is about right. Sounds like 10x is ok for longer shots??

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    I ordered a Weaver 2 - 10 x 38 today. Hopefully it does the trick.