LR800 w/ Slope Angle - seems very good for the price

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  • LR800 w/ Slope Angle - seems very good for the price

    I bought a LR800 with slope angle rangefinder off eBay from rangfindersrus for $180.00 including post.

    It can show either yards or metres (and I wanted metres), and also the angle, vertical distance the object is above or below, and the horizontal distance. The model number isn't really the distance as it's specifications say 600m (but approx 700 max, so don't know why that is).

    Holding the "on" button for a bit over a second and it comes on. Hold is again and it will read. Keep it pressed down for continual scanning. It will automatically shut down after a short time. The magnification is 6x.

    I tried it at a known and previously measured distance, a power pole with a meter / fuse box on it 120m from the house, and it said 121m, so I thought that was good. The standard metal fuse / meter box is around 600 x 600mm and is about the size of the cross-hair-broken-circle reticle at that distance. I found at around 330m it could pick up a lone tree, say about 3' diameter trunk.

    I found it ran out of legs a bit past that distance when attempting to get reading out in the paddock by just sighting the ground.

    The MODE button toggles between distance only, or all the things mentioned above on display. Hold the mode down and it will go to yards if already in metres, or vice versa.

    I found it to be very handy. Our shooting distances are not much past 250m, so this suits me fine. Small and light enough to shove in your pocket, but not so small you need little fingers to use it.

    Yes, the Big Name brands will be in front when you go out past 400m, but I really don't need that in a range finder. If you're on a budget, I'd give it a go.

    More from the next day...looks like it can pick up small, flat objects (road sign) at 430m.

    Click image for larger version

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    Disclaimer - it goes without saying, but I've got nothing to do with the seller or the product, except buying one, using it and telling others what I thought of it.