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  • Leupold RX600i rangefinder review

    Hi guys, recently bought a rx600i rangefinder,so I thought I'd do a quick review. I really only hunt deer and wild dogs on our cattle properties and shots further than 400 yards are rare, so I was after something that could consistently range animals to 400 yards. The RX600i claims 600yrds reflective and 500yrds for deer. I was a bit skeptical on the deer range but decided to give it a go.

    * Will range our dark red Santa Gertrudis cattle consistently out to 500yrds.(haven't had time to range any deer yet).
    *Compact and lightweight.
    *Eye focus has click adjustments which are real positive.
    *Simple to use.

    *Optics are clear but not as bright as I expected.
    *Fire button is a bit firm to push which can make it bit unstable.

    To sum up, for the money(US$214) I think it is good value, glass could be better but it will definitely range trees out to 600yrds and I managed to range some white Charolais cattle at 605yrds which was a surprise. I'll try and find some deer on the weekend and give it a good workout.

    Cheers 6mm.

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    Ok, went out and found some deer and it will consistently range deer out to 400 plus yards. Managed to range a deer at 506 & 515 yrds but that was a bit hit and miss(mostly miss). It will definitely range deer at 400 yrds first time, every time, and that is all I need.