Night Vision Pictures - Through the lens.

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  • Night Vision Pictures - Through the lens.

    Just some images to give an idea of what Night Vision gear can do and how it can work.

    Taking a photo through most NV gear is as simple as holding a camera up to it and taking a picture.

    To highlight performance, here's a panoramic image stitched together showing a Gen3 aviation tube, a XR5 Photonis Gen2 tube ( very high performance Gen2) and a Gen3 ground use tube. Conditions are rural-starlight - no moon.

    This image compares three high performance Gen2 images, the first two are Gen2+ aviation tubes, the third is a Gen2 XR5 tube ( aviation grade).

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    As easy as holding the camera up to the NV?

    Be fucked if I can get a good pic. Im using a shity digia cam tho!