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  • What NV have you got?

    As the title suggests. Interested to hear what you've got and how you rate it. I am looking to drop some $ so your experience is appreciated.

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    I have quite a few. Gen2 and Gen3 ( and even a Gen1 somewhere ) -

    Most are monoculars, but I also have a long-range clip-on ( front mounted ) and dedicated riflescopes and a thermal.

    Monoculars that can be head mounted are the best all-rounder - they let you get around at night and you can aim with a laser.

    Dedicated riflescopes give best accuracy.

    Clipons are expensive, but convert between day and night use easily.

    Thermals are ideal for spotting animals, especially in tall grass, but are not so great at identifying animals at a distance.



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      Click image for larger version

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      I'm running an experiment at the moment to see if I can get a practical solution to low noise night hunting.

      So far it's been a pain. No equipment failures just stuff ups and finding a decent projectile.

      The rifle is a Evanix Windy City .357. I used Harley's projectile formula: a .360 dia round ball that tips the scales at about 70 grains. The Windy pushes it out at 830 fps and 76Db A scale noise and very good accuracy. I have not yet tuned the charge duration so I might get a bit better velocity and slightly less noise.

      The scope is a Pulsar N750 Digisight. This is a Generation 1 plus unit and I'ts actually pretty good. I was not expecting much from Gen 1, so I'm happy with it so far.
      No doubt the later generation gear leaves it for dead, but this cost me $1500 from Safari (with rifle purchase). It's certainly good enough for the 50 -75m max ranges I intend to shoot this air rifle at and should handle 150m on a real rifle. :P
      The manufacturer claims it can find a target at 600m which can be identified and 200 or 300m. That may be so in ideal conditions but in real life your can halve that. What I did not consider was the amount of laser reflection picked up by the scope. This means that if the beam is, say 50% on a clump of foliage the foliage will reflect so much that you will have problems seeing past it to your target. I have not used it properly in the field yet so I can't be too critical, but initial testing indicates that it will do the job quite well out to 100m with a clear line of sight at the very least.

      Zeroing is a little alien as you are moving a virtual reticle. It's a digital adjustment of +/- on the X and Y axis. You need to go back to school to remember which axis is X or Y.

      As you can se the unit is quite high and on this rifle I had to pack up the cheek peice a long way. It shoulders quite well though.

      The Binos:
      These are Gen 1 Pulsar Edge 75095 goggles.
      For close to $1000 I expected a lot better. Now it could just be me having great difficulty fitting the head unit, tightening screws and focusing front and rear on both tubes. Maybe the manual could have more that a paragraph devoted to setup.
      I could not manage to get a decent image no matter how hard I tried, By not decent I mean that I can't read a car number plate at 30m. Perhaps that's all you get with Gen 1, but the Gen 1 + scopes leaves the binos for dead.

      Having bitched about the binos/ goggles, when you walk out into the black nothing they sure beat the hell out of blindness.

      In summary I think the Digisight is a good thing. The goggles.....I don't like them so far.

      When I get it all together I'll post up a review.


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        Thanks for sharing your experiences Snag.

        I think I am more and more convinced I need gen2+ minimum? Can someone maybe David? speak of the $ vs performance differences of gen2+ vs gen3?

        I defiantly want to be hitting targets at 300m (and ideally beyond) under starlight.

        I don't want to need any IR lighting.

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      I was shooting with a guy from NZ on the wekend. He's an Admin/Owner on an NZ shooting forum and knows his stuff.

      He mentioned that the best deal going was a Startlight system out of Canada at $6,200.00.

      He is a member on the old forum but as you know that's been nobbled and I could not find his user profile.

      I can chase him up if you want.


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        Sorry for the Hijack, but can you get the system details please Snag, I am interested in it as I am chasing one to go on a couple of my rifles. Specifically I am after a place in front system that can be put in front of my daytime optics, Gen2+/Gen3 (best I can get my hands on, legally). Just to make it clear, what I am looking for is a PS-22 style device

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      On a tangent, can we import I.R. pointers for firearms or is there anyone in Aus that sells them?


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        Originally posted by Joe Average" post=1646
        On a tangent, can we import I.R. pointers for firearms or is there anyone in Aus that sells them?
        Kind of... They are considered "weapons" because of the laser, and only the US has sub-1mW IR lasers and exports are controlled.

        I've spoken to LDI before and they will export to Australia, but their stuff is very professional high-grade Milspec kit.

        And cheaper IR lasers are usually 5mW or where they have a 1mW IR, they often have a 5mW green, making them illegal in Australia.

        So I'm looking at running a laser targetting system DIY project later this year, Something with interchangeable lasers, one visible and one IR. However I don't know if it will be successful yet, so the prototype and concept model are going into the next NV project housing.

        If that works, cheap lasers will be easy and cheap. Otherwise, I can't see it being easy or cheap.

        Keep in mind that cheap lasers like the Crossman Red Laser are less than 1mW and are probably importable without a permit if you don't mind a visible laser.

        My last Crossman laser cost me $12 - from Walmart in the US. I can't even buy the parts for that much.


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        I'm bringing in the Night Master NM800 LED Torch & IR Illuminator which are good for 400-500M (eye shine out to 800M)

        Matt W

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      Well there you go, how long ago did the Simrads go JJ that was a short service life anyway they were the ducks guts not that long back mind you never used one on a .50 and zero repeatibilty wasn't an issue once you knew the system


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        To be honest they never really entered into service.. They were in use with SOCOM for awhile, and small numbers (less than 5) were on loan and issued to our guys on the secdet and AMTG rotations in Iraq, but was withdrawn from use around 2006 after DMO/Sniper team singleton testing highlighted the limitations of it. Around the same time SOCOM had began its initial use and trialling of the UNS...


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      used them them 01/02 and I thought the snipers didn't get them till round 06 was also under the impression/told they were still being used in 09ish anyway been out since early 02 so you'd be way more up to speed than me


      • Jester308
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        That's entirely possible mate, there could have been some legacy units still in circulation around '09, but the shift to the UNS system was well under way by that stage.

        I think the biggest issue was more the procurement side of the equation, by the time they had ticked all the boxes the system was outdated and left behind by smaller, lighter, simpler, more effective systems. From inception to IIS it has taken almost 16years to get an effective night sight to the community (albeit in a very circular and repetitive fashion)....


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      Get me an AN/PEQ 2 or later and I'll be a happy man


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        I havent used NV at all ever, and ive never been in the military Im an Instrument/Electrical Tradie and ive used a few FLIR thermal imaging cameras to identify hot electrical joins, thin spots in pipes, tank agitation consistency, Control valve positioning etc and i'll tell you right now the amount of clarity you can get from these things is phenomenal!!!! and this is a camera remember not a scope but from 1m to at least 50m the resolution if you focus correctly is just out of this world, i dont see why anyone couldn't identify specific game to be hunted with 100% certainty with these things. i dont know if they would make a Scope or if they did if you could get it from the US but i wouldn't write off Thermal yet as theres a real knack to understanding how thermals work and respond to differant situations/ materials etc
        hell you can see the flow patterns in closed steel pipes with these and not the level but actual ripples of IR from eddies

        just thought id contribute a little about the Thermals


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          Hi EHS,

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          Since the rules are still being written, I don't see this as an infraction, but it is a good time to remove it and let everyone know about the current situation with classified in this section.

          In the mean time, you're welcome to contact Steve and discuss placing advertising of any type - let me know if you're not sure of the PM.



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            I have a couple of sets of NVg as well as some Thermal. What I have at the moment is :

            PVS-7d (Gen 3)
            Photonis White Phosphur Aviators Set

            Taking the Photonis set out of the equation as it is by far the best set our of the lot. My preference is for the Xr5 Units. While 'technically; the Gen-3's dont reuire as much ambient light as the XR5's, the XR5 sets give a much better contrast and much easier/nicer to use than the Gen3's. As I run with IR Iluminators (both on vehicle and on rifle), ambient light is not really an issue for me.

            Fit wise, well they all he;lmet mount so much of a muchness..just different weight pounches for the back of them.

            In regards to Thermal...I have used a few different sets, from the IRGuides, to the LTWS/MTWS sights. At the moment I am using a Vectronix COTI and a FLIR T-70. Both of which are brilliant.

            Also have a FLIR PTZ35 (military version) which gets mounted on the vehicle which is very useful for staking out an area. Also have a Pathfinder which can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and we have actually had it running off a hexacopter which was interesting.


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              This is my NV rig. Clip on unit for my day scope (Armasight CO-LR Gen 2+ HDi) which gives a nice clear image around 7x mag. Headset (Armasight NYX-7 Pro Gen 2+ HDi). I've been thinking about mounting the goggles on a helmet but haven't gotten around to it as the headset seems ok. Additional IR illuminator (Armasight IR850W) which I have mounted on my rifle - I mostly use this for eye shine as I normally hunt nights with half to full moon so plenty of natural light around. Rig works well for taking out pigs and foxes (and the occasional unlucky cat). Can spot pigs out to 400-500 m and then bag them at 100-200 m. Foxes are harder to see so they normally get spotted and bagged at 100-200 m.

              Oh and the rifle is an Accuracy International AX308 with a Schmidt & Bender 5-25 scope.

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            Hi Team - I am in the market for some basic NV for hunting. Looking at
            • Pulsar DFA75
            • Pulsar N550
            • Yukon Photon 5x42

            Anyone using any of these and able to share experiences or opinions?

            "Have more than you show
            Talk less than you know"


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              I really don't recommend any digital night vision at all, its cheap rubbish compared to tube night vision. Digital night vision is realistically a camera with a screen, its way over priced for what it is.....

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              You could built your own scopeless digi NV optic. If you want a big screen. Plenty of vids on the tube of people building scopeless if you look them like mikiemikes and Ryan's channels.

              Agreed that the likes of the armasight drone and Ns550-750 are quite expencive off what they are. ( they are built quite well and come with recoil ratings )

              The yukon photon is filling the gap ( for $500+ cheaper. )

              If I was going to spend $1700-2800 it would be on a gen2+ idi or cgti tubed nv. But your tended to be limited in magnification at around a max of 6x

              Digi can be fixed or variable, on the other hand are coming out with 12x and even 18x ( the new ATN digi scope ) but it comes at a cost with going higher magnification the image becomes grainy.

              The yukon photon has a normal retical in front of the screen were as the likes of the pulsar, armasight, ATN digis are a screen retical.

              They all have there place, if you know the limitations and don't expect it to do what its not capable of doing then you'll be happy.

              Anyone going to buy a gen1 or even digi and expect it to perform like a gen3 or better is kidding themselves.

              Gen 3 is like daylight at a moonless night passively without any IR its that good ... As far as your eye can see but you pay out for that kinda quality and results.

              As mentioned, figure out what quarry your hunting and ranges. Not everyone has the means or want to spend the likes of $3000+ for high end gen2+, gen3, filmless, thermal.

              You can get good results for under $2k or even under $1k that will do the job just fine as long as you don't mind running IR light as well.

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              Interesting stuff here
              Heaps of mf around the world,


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            + 1 re Proshooter. The NS550 has accounted for quite a few critters now; thanks bloke!
            "Have more than you show
            Talk less than you know"


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              I have a pitch black field master and a Yukon photon xt.

              The pitch black unit is probably the clearest digital night vision unit available. It's only 5x like the photon but it provides a better picture than the photon can when using then same IR source. I have only used the photon once so it is hard to draw any conclusions until I have tested them both side by side under controlled conditions


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                The Crabs has dunked a toe in the water with the NV gear it is a more affordable slip on DNV system which suits me fine as i can switch from rifle to rifle. This one was done by M.I.A. (manic industries australia) and as a first generation unit (read first production run) it was very affordable as i was a bit unsure of the whole NV thing. Unfortunately proshooter got to me only hours after wedge was transferred or i would have ended up with an NS550.

                What i likeprice) can shoot in dark, can swap between rifles,get to shoot normally in daytime, set up only takes a few minutes works ok with IR, red, green and white light uses same batteries as all my torches. 1.5hr runtime.
                What i don't like: Weight, initial set up can be challenging,cumbersome due to components and sensitivity to too much light causing white out. most of all i cant see what im doing if i don't look trough the screen and a screen dimmer would be good too.

                otherwise i quite like. Not really what i expected for my first foray into night vision but you cant expect daytime performance and ability to see however you have plenty of time as the animals don't feel threatened at all under the cloak of darkness. This set up is good for taking out in the 4x4 or for camping over a rabbit warren not so practical for walking type hunting especially through scrub or climbing over fences as the gear can get hooked up.

                the kit

                mounted on 204

                mounted on .22

                power pole at 100m road way at 220m realistic range would be 200 max for a fox

                white out from too much light at 40ish meters

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              if the unit has a video out on it you might be able to use one of these to record from it.
              ks-650m mini DVR


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                Thanks for that, the one I use looks very similar, but the problem is mainly that each frame, the subject (or the operator) is moving slightly and therefore the frame is not clean and sharp as a high speed still photo. I might need to upgrade anyway as my one is starting to lock up on start up.