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  • Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42

    Thought id add this thread to review the Leica HD-B for any one that's interested. I am away at the moment so I cant review it yet but ill had one image of whats in the box when you first open it. Being Leica you expect these to be made in Germany but in actual fact they are assembled at the Leica factory Portugal but all components like the glass are German. Its because the Euro block companies can place there Factories all over Europe similar to Airbus making the A380 in various European countries not just France. And you have to look bloody hard to see the made in Portugal label lol.

    So far I have only used these at the range and at the suburb where I live just testing out the laser range finder so cant really give a proper field report yet, The optics on these are the stand out I think and the one that impressed me the most because the clarity and crystal clear image is the best ive seen. Its similar going from a standard tv to a HD blue ray movie you notice the picture quality straight away. Its got a very natural image with depth like towards 3d vs 2d when looking at a picture and it has Fluoride glass which seems to add to the contrast. The other thing I found with these was the adjustment with eye cups made it very easy to setup for my eyes. At the range quiet a few people checked them out and all came away impressed including the range officer who I had a hard time getting them back off of him lol.

    The thing feels really solidly made and are very comfortable in the hands and looks like they will have no problems in the field in any weather even the manual says if they get dirty wash them in a stream.

    The laser range finder in these is suppose to go out to 1830m or 2000 yards and so far I've had them out to about 800m and the laser itself locks on within a fraction of sec and so far I havnt got any complaints seems to work how they say it was suppose to work. The display is very bright and adjust with the light and you can display range and angle to the target, temperature, pressure. These are used in conjunction with the in built ballistic computer to give you hold over and number of clicks to adjust scope etc. Also you can install the included micro SD card and download onto it the ballistics of the bullet your using from the Leica G7 Flash Ballistics site and this then is used by default when its in the Binos. This I have yet to test.

    Only reason I bought these was because I was in the market to buy some range finding binoculars and I didn't have a good pair of standard binoculars so I thought id get the combined device and was looking at the Zeiss and Swaro versions and couldn't make up my mind between the two and then this was released and seemed like a pretty good thing so I ended up getting it after a about 4 month or so wait. And im happy with it at the end of the day its probably similar to the others in optics so its a personal choice you wont go wrong with any of them but there not cheap. If you can get them for less than $3000 your getting a very good price. In the US these are $2995 or so and the UK there 2600 pounds.

    Probably had some more stuff here when I use them in the field properly.

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    My mates got the older version and they are bloody awesome to use - if I had the spare $$$ I'd definitely get a pair.
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      Gday Shauno and other members,

      When I return from my hunting trip in a couple of weeks i'll do a write up on the Swarvoski EL 10x42 I just bought for anyone that's interested.

      My cousin has a pair of Leica Bino's which will be on the trip too.