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  • Beretta 692

    G'day I am looking at an all-round shotgun (as in one great shotgun that can do everything at all levels).

    And was looking at a Beretta 692 sporting B-fast with 30" barrel. Trouble is it only comes with 3" chambers whereas the trap has 2 3/4" chambers but only has 28" barrel. I have heard 2 3/4" patterns better or is this just nit picking.. As i really wanted 30" barrels..

    Has anyone had a chance to use one and give me their thoughts? I am new to competition but have a cheap hatsan 20" O/U for hunting and general mucking around with clays at the farm, but am looking for something serious - a proper competition clay shotgun.

    Also I was going to take advantage of Beretta's fitting service.. I only want to buy 1 shotgun that I can have for many years..

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    3" chambers will still take 2 3/4 shells


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      Yep what Hughie Said - it doesn't matter as you have the best of both worlds now.
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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        Ok great

        I'll start saving!


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          I definitely want a 692 sporter, probably 30" barrels. It looks so sweet.


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            I am very excited as I put money down on a 30" 692 sporter a couple days ago.
            Now the approx 4 week wait for it to arrive


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              4 weeks? I was told next year!!


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                Hughie commented
                Editing a comment
                I know someone who knows someone lol but yeah apparently there arent any more shipments expected for another 12 months.
                I know grafton firearms has one with an adjustable comb for a really good price besides that all the 30" are sold i believe, beretta has some 32" instock though

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              That's the gun and barrel length you need for a versatile shotgun. I use a 682 sporter with 30 inch barrel and I do everything with it.
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