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  • Where's all the Shotgunners?

    This place is surprisingly quiet.
    I thought there would have been a few more smoothbore shooters out there.

    Say G'day when you do pop in and let us know a bit your shotgunning preferences.

    I'll kick it off by saying that shotgunning is probably my favourite form of shooting.
    Through winter I'm usually out with my son chasing foxes on a fox drive somewhere.
    When it comes to clays - I chose sporting as my shotgunning vice.
    This year I've been taking the young bloke around a few different grounds to get him up to speed.

    Maybe I'll see you in a squad sometime.

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    Sporting clays are also my own vice.

    Shotgunning preferences? One word.........................FABARM.


    • Mr. R
      Shotgunner commented
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      I'm a sporting clays man, I love the diversity, the down to earth atmosphere and the lack of fiddling around like is the case with rifles - Just go to the range, shoot, pull through and oil the gun and then put it away. I also like to take the shotgun out hunting and have got a few hares, though I haven't done as much of it as I would have liked to. Will have to fix that over the next few months.

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    Nuzo Reporting in! first gun i fired was a 12G, and i love it! i wouldn't say it's my primary shooting style, but i definitely think it is the most fun! i inherited an old Lanber 12G 28" fixed choked barrels, she takes all the abuse i can throw at her and comes back smiling! just need to watch out for rust, but i keep her well oiled!

    sporting/DTL are the most fun i reckon.



    P.S. one day when i save enough pennies, a nice Lanber 2097 will be in my safe! trying to keep the family tradition i guess.


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      Very much the Simulated Field (FGA) shooter myself, although I do shoot DTL and Trench occasionally.
      Activity in the shotgun section on shooting.com.au has noticibly dropped of for months now. Must have been a sign of the times.

      If I wasn't under the weather, I'd be out right now busting clays at my local range.
      This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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        G'day Fella's,

        I'm just getting into shooting clays myself lately, been out a few times with friends busting em and enjoyed it so much I bought a Beretta Silver Pigeon last week. I've also been out to the Bathurst Gun Club and have got all the paperwork sorted to join it. Looks like a great club with everything you could need when it comes to all the shotgun disciplines and a great bunch of fella's.

        I look forward to joining in on the fun that is clay's!
        Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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          Speaking of Lanbers... Yup, 2097 Sporting Lux is my baby.

          First shotty was a 8 shot pump action Bently - remember those. Darn cheap. Nieces/Nephews loved how you could chamber a cartridge one handed - Sara Conner style in Terminator 2. That scrub gun took care of a few critters over the years, though it didn't like Solids. They'd shoot fine but the pump would jam. Plus, the shoulder didn't like them too much either.

          Had others since those trusting days when you could just walk into a store in Qld with your driving license and walk out with a boom stick. But when it came time for another, I found a Lanber that needed a caring owner. Adoption papers were signed and she came home with me. Ah.... remembering the first word she spoke (BANG) still brings a tear to my eye - daddy's little girl all growed up.


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            I just keep a Benelli M2 and a Mossberg 590. I'm not much of a shotgunner.


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              Yabbie commented
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              I used to be a Sporting Clays man but spend most of my time chasing deer these days. If I go for a clay bust then Sporting clays it is though.
              I do walk the dogs with a scatter gun most days as well though, they really are the great all-rounder....a belt with a couple of solids, BB's, right through to 9's and you've got everything that walks dead if it's within 40-50 yards. I love 'em including my little 20ga.

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            Hi guys well im happy to announce I just bought a beretta 692 yesterday. Now the long wait for mine to turn up


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              Hi all ...

              I'm mostly shooting Simulated Field and some Skeet these days.

              Just looked in my shooting diary and counted 20x 100 Target Comps so far, for me this year in Sim. Field.


              • gamma
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                I have owned five semi -autos in my life,the last two being berettas A302 and A303 and these were the best by far.Have owned three winchester shotguns,pigeon grade 28inch barrel fitted with briley chokes,now owned by my son in law.A 27inch barrel lightweight with win chokes and a model 23 SXS pigeon grade which i sold(silly me)I now only own a Fabarm gamma -lux U/O 28 inch barrel and as i live in gippsland,i use it during the duck season many times and i find it kills well with steel shot using carlsons 3/4 extended chokes.cheers

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              Hi all,

              Another recent transfer from the old forum and a long time smooth bore shooter. I shoot both field (pest control) and ompetitively (mostly DTL but have been dabbling in skeet over recent months). As for equipment, I'm a happy owner of four shotties - two Mirokus and two Fabarms.




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                G'day, it is quiet, but I guess it will pick up. I shoot clays at Mornington most Fridays - 5 stand of late. I use a Fabarm STL C2 and love it, which I have found perfect for DTL and sometimes perfect for 5 stand!! I guess I just need to put a few more rounds through it.....Love it, great way to end the week.


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                  Gday All,

                  I recently bought my first shotty, a Rizzini Omnimum light 12G, and I love it.I never thought I would love it as much as i do. Use it mostly for bunnies and foxes. Just been playing around with the diff loads and chokes ect.

                  Looking to get into busting clays but i'm not great at hitting them. Any basic techniques or advice from seasoned shootings?



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                    Nigel-l commented
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                    Get in front and don't stop swinging.