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  • Mid Barrels Beads

    Hi everyone,
    Has anybody in Melbourne had a mid barrel bead installed on their U/O and if so what is approximate cost. If forum rules allow can you also recommend a Gunsmith.


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    I wouldn't cry a river if the mid bead wasn't fitted, the only purpose they serve are getting your head set on the mount, so not worth it once you know where your head sits and/or taking quick shots. A thin rubber band around the barrel so it looks like its 2 inches infront of the bead when mounted does the same thing, and once you've muscle memorised the correct mount, get rid of it.

    or such is my understanding based on what was drummed into me as a kid learning to shoot DTL


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      Thanks for the advice win. I am new to the sport and always looking for anything that can improve my technique........


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    Getting one put on my Beretta SP1 at the moment along with a Adjustable comb. The beads around $15 from memory so no going to break the bank.
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