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  • Brevettato 1960 u/o

    Hi all,
    Just curious if anyone is familiar with Brevettato 1960 U/O.

    I have just been offered one in 12ga in pretty good shape (this thing is like brand new) for a very reasonable price (cost of the PTA) but I can't find any info on it anywhere (maybe I'm just not looking hard enough). It is a side lock, tight as a drum (as I said it is like new), the receiver is bright silver with some fairly heavy engraving on it. It is a field gun and appears to be choked 1/4 and full. I'm guessing it is an older gun or early production gun as the serial number is only 4 digits long . I'm going to grab it regardless as it is too good to pass up and besides my Red label Ruger and the old Franchi look like they are a bit lonely in the safe and everyone knows that happiness comes in 3's.

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    I've not heard of it but then my knowledge is hardly encyclopedic.
    It's not a Beretta with the Model name of "Brevettato"? It would hardly be a sidelock if that were the case.
    A pic or two would be handy.
    You'll hardly go wrong if it's only going to cost the PTA.

    Edit: A quick Google shows Brevettato means "patented" so I guess there might be another Brand name to go with it.
    If it says "FUCILE COSMI BREVETTATO" you can name your asking price.
    Other examples - FUCILE RINFORZATO SPECIALE BREVETTATO - meaning Long Gun Special Reinforced Patented


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      Hi Nigel,

      I found one on Bonhams that they have listed for sale .

      I didn't take any pictures of it (left the bloody phone at home didn't I ). I'm going from memory now but I'm pretty sure the gun listed above is the same thing (certainly looks like it) only the one I'm getting has the serial number of 2501. It holds and point like my old Franchi so I figure for the cost of the PTA I'll just jump on it and worry about what it is later.