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  • chiappa 1887 problems

    Hi everyone. Purchased one of these 2 weeks ago.
    The Shop I purchased off,assured me they were all good now and don't have issues like the iac.
    They advised me to try a few different shells as they prefer some to others.

    I tried 11 different types and can't get through a magazine without a shell sticking in the chamber. Doesn't matter how hard you work the lever as the shells need to be pushed out with a rod they are stuck that tight.
    Some shells work abit better than others but none of them were 100% reliable
    AlsoCost me a couple of pigs last week due to a shell sticking after 2 shots.

    Hopefully get a refund or a swap
    Overall I am pretty pissed. Spent 1800 on something that doesn't work

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    in my humble opinion, I haven't seen much to differ the chiappa from the IAC. They both seem prone to the same problems and you get the added benefit of paying a premium price for the chiappa to act the same way as a cheaper IAC. Some work very well, some don't.

    My IAC worked flawlessly for years and then started doing the same thing yours is doing from brand new.
    Take it back and by an O&U with ejectors


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      Did you end up finding out why the shells were sticking?



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        For my IAC its still a work in progress. The stovepiping issue seems to be well known in the industry but all the fixes Ive found dont seem to work, as my rifle wont consistently show this fault.
        I can cycle boxes of ammo through it without fault but on the one occasion I really need it to work, for sure, it will jam.
        Mine will pull the shell about half an inch out of the breech before jamming solid. Pushing it back in is fine but then locks up at the same spot.
        People say that not working the lever hard enough is the problem, well the torn skin on my knuckles from trying says that idea is rubbish.

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      No worries. Thanks for the reply.
      Mine lets go of the shell while its still completely in the chamber. When I look at the shell after I have pushed it out there is a scratch/dint mark where the extractor has tried to pull it out.

      Talked to the gunshop today and they reckon bring it back in and they will send it in for warranty.
      Would prefer my money back but I will see when I drop it off. Don't see them fixing it quickly so I will be out of pocket with nothing in return.

      Should have listened to others and just purchased a double barrel


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        my iac is having ejection issues but i'm pretty sure the fault is at my end as i cant pull the damn thing very hard.
        i've found out that if i do a double take on the lever, as in i lever it, and if it gets stuck, i close it and lever it again and it will eject.
        ive only tried the one brand of shotshell though. will try some others, but im pretty sure its because im not roughing it up like i should be.

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      Sounds like a chamber issue if all the shells are getting jammed solid after firing. Is there any weird marks on the shells after there extracted?


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        lawsie, your rifle is a DOA and you shouldnt have to stand for that warranty rubbish. The rifle is less than two weeks old so ask for a refund. If they get emotional about it, tell them you will clarify your consumer rights with the accc and they should calm down and play ball.


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          Shells that were stuck had a mark where the claw has tried to grab it but failed. Tried working the lever again and it still lets go of it.
          Some shells have caved in abit on the heads as if the primer strike is too powerful

          Shells I have tried are:
          Winchester xx magnum
          Winchester super x
          Winchester 00sg
          Winchester rangers
          Diana buck shot
          Fedral 36gr blue pack
          Scorpio trap shells
          Fichocci? Game load
          Rio 36gr 4's
          Pmc optima trap shells
          Champion super gl

          Should work with atleast one of these
          Hopefully this thursday I get some time to take it back


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            I reckon the chamber might be to short/tight and the shells are jamming in the forcing cone after the petals have opened up if they have to be pushed out with a rod and the extractor has pulled hard enough to mark up the base of the shell and not pull them out. Pretty shoddy for a new gun but it might be an easy fix if it only needs the chamber honed and polished.

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          Could the problem be that the extractor is not gripping the shell rim properly ?
          It could be a problem with the gap between the boltface and extractor claw that does not allow the extractor to go completely over the shell rim, especially after it is fired and has expanded a bit to increase the friction between the case and chamber. Could also be 'rough' chambers.
          This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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            If you don't like the Chiappa or the IAC 1887, just get the new Taylor's 1887 from the shop that shall not be named.

            Unless, it's just a re-named Chiappa ( which it clearly is).

            Bloody marketing!


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              I would see how they go with the warranty. I have a short barrel stainless one that digest anything you put into it. It has been used in quite a few IPSC comps and also on the pigs.



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                Cheers for the replys everyone

                I worry about the warranty as I would bet money on them saying it ejects and works fine or something along those lines

                Hi john. Wish mine worked like your's. I would be happy if it worked 100% with one shell


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                  Originally posted by Lawsie" post=28600
                  Doesn't matter how hard you work the lever as the shells need to be pushed out with a rod they are stuck that tight.
                  I'd be pretty sure it's a chamber issue if you can't push them out easily. Even with a double barrel the chambers need abit of a polish to get the shells to come out slick and again some shells are better than others. Won't take much to get it cranking them out everytime after that. Do loaded shells slip in and out easily with a little bit of play?


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                    Commanche. Yeah loaded shells drop in and tip out with no problem at all. Theres abit of playfor the loaded shell too move so it doesn't seem overly tight


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                      Well I thought I should update this thread.
                      I have been back to the shop once a month since november and have been told the same BS everytime.
                      "We will call the suppllier and get back to you"
                      It is beyond a joke how long I have waited for this warranty claim. They obviously never got back to me until recently. Even then I was promised the gun 2 weeks ago and still nothing. I have called back a number of times and have received call back once. I was given abit of attitude in my opinion. They said it could be worse, you could have purchased an IAC and it would have been back 3 times by now. This obviously pissed me off and the phone call ended soon after. I haven't given them any attitude on the phone or in person. All I have asked is give me my money back or get me a gun that actually works.

                      I am ready to go to fair trading as I have given more than enough time for this to be resolved. Its been 5 month's and the shop has had my $1850 and I have nothing.

                      Any opinions on what to do? I will be heading there tomorrow to once again be told more BS.

                      Thanks for any help


                      • Diver13
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                        Got mine from you know where was smithed before purchase . Never had a hick up ,I've noticed that when they sell used 1887 IAC's they've gone up in price so I will be keeping mine !

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                      I have the AIC some initial extraction issues, and certainly didn't like solids, however I change to Fiocchi reduced recoil slugs and the 2 1/2 shells no further trouble. Also initally polished the action, removed any little bur's etc and it has worked flawlessly ever since.