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  • Importing chokes

    Howdy all, just wanted to know if I can purchase shotgun chokes from the US, without needing any paper work to get them through customs

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    It'll be fine.


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      Where do you plan on buying then from may I ask? I couldn't find many happy to sell outside of the USA. Trulock ship overseas but after I went thru the checkout with $25 shipping they emailed me to say they don't do USPS to Australia any more due to too many returned packages (BS!) and UPS will cost 65$.

      Bugger that, ended up buying trulock chokes from for $39 each.


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        I was going to purchase from Brownells, just waiting for a reply to my email


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          I just got knocked back in the states. I was trying to use shipito to mail so me finger guards - they fix to rear of trigger guard - and i was advised they don't ship gun parts.



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            Well I ordered them from Brownells and they are listed as shipped, so we will see if customs has a problem with them...


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              Editing a comment

              I bought 3 x finger guards - like padding for the back of the trigger guard to protect my middle knuckle which is knackered. They cost $20ea, I ordered 3. The retailer suggested I send via shipito. Shipito opened the packet and said they can't touch them as they are gun parts!! Via emails I tried to explain what they were. Blah, blah, blah.

              $180 later and I need to export them with all the docs. Not happy.

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            Well my chokes arrived from Brownells without a hiccup. Easy as