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  • Steel Shot and Akkar Churchill

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all the great responses I have received from my previous posts. I have decided that I will buy an Akkar Churchill. What I have read is that this gun is made in Turkey and that Turkey does not adhere to the European Steel Shot proof standard. What does this in regards to using steel shot through this gun in the event I go duck hunting?

    Again, I am new to shotgun and apologies if this question appears naive in anyway.

    Look forward to your responses


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    The manual that comes with it (if one does) should tell you what you can and cannot use in it.
    Having said that, the gun is of modern manufacture and should be safe to use with any modern cartridge, however the general rule with non steel shot proofed guns is to stick to the smaller sizes of steel shot (nothing larger than #3's or #4's through the more open chokes (nothing tighter than modified (half) choke if you are required to use such ammunition.
    This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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      This is a quote, straight from the manual. Yes, it DOES come with one....

      "Steel shot (up to and including size 2 shot) should not be fired through your shotgun with a choke tighter than modified. If shot larger than #2 is used, the tightest choke used should be an improved cylinder."


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        That's a bit of a bugger, I was planning on going in on the weekend and grabbing one, would like to hear what the guys that have one shoot through them

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      They are steel shot proofed, according to the manual, just adhere to the reccomendations they set out in the manual. I.E anything up to #2 shot, use modified, improved cylinder or cylinder. For larger shot use improved cylinder or cylinder. I'm no duck hunter but that sounds pretty usual? Correct me if I'm wrong. I ordered a second cylinder choke for mine so i can run them in both barrels when shooting skeet, and also when shooting slugs. I'm sure someone with more experience actually shooting ducks can give you some more info


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        Oh BTW I didn't use 1/4 choke 3/4 choke etc as the akkars come marked as I have said. C, IC, M, IM and F.