Win SX3, Looking for advice and mounts for a light

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  • Win SX3, Looking for advice and mounts for a light

    Hi there,
    So not much of a shotgun user so excuse the blatant ignorance, only shotguns prior to my SX3 was grandfathers Airforce issue WW2 single shot 12g and a .410, Basically I have bugger all knowledge about shotguns, You've been warned.

    As I had a class C on my licence Firearms branch here in SA told me that I had to purchase a Semi Automatic shotgun or rimfire to keep my licence class... I said fine, needed a good excuse to get one anyway. So after a few gun shop visits and luckily being in the right place at the right time I got to have a feel and see a Winchester SX3 in the Flesh. Purchased one soon after and have had it for 8 months or so and love it to bits, can't say enough positive things about it, all I have ever had is no. 4 Shot, has been perfect for the odd duck for dinner or feral cat/fox around the house.
    Now, while the SX3 has knocked over foxes and a cat in its short lifetime with the old no.4's, it has mainly been used for culling corvids during Lambing and I find the no.4's great but not amazing, especially after patterning them, so I have stuck to sub 50m shots... but would like to stretch even 20m more, how to go about this? Should I stick to no.4 lead shot, try steel shot or larger shot size? Shells are 2 3/4, should I just get 3"? ( I have the Full choke installed but have the other two that came with it, damned if I know what they are off the top of my head)

    Lambing is long gone though so I have started taking the SX3 out for foxes, pups are emerging from the dens now, I also have a neighbour who reckons someone has dumped some goats at the back of our properties to re-introduce the feral population that we had wiped out, I want to have something available for the semi for these pests too so I am looking for shot suggestions, I guess BB's for foxes and Buckshot for feral goats would be the go, any particular brand recommendations? How about slugs, would they even work in a shotgun like mine?

    I haven't done the most comprehensive search and I am just pondering while waiting for a replacement part for a baler so sorry bout that.

    Finally, I noticed user Penguin in the show us your shotgun section had a light mounted on the front of his SX3, any information on this or any other known mounts/lighting systems for an SX3 would be greatly appreciated.


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    I like Rio BB's can drop hares and foxes out to 75yards with a full choke on my o/u. As for a light maybe consider a head lamp as a semi auto shotty might be harsh on a torch with recoil (they could switch off, change mode or smack batteries around i had theis problem with an older torch) plus easier to see down the barrel if it is lit up. Might be food for thought as i tried mounting a torch under a lever action .357 but just couldn't see the open sights, a problem you don't have with a scope.


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      Hi Andy, the torch and mount on my SX3 are from Wolfeyes. The mount clamps to the barrel and torch via 2 allen key bolts. They
      have a thumb screw version as well but I think the allen key one would tighten up firmer. I just wrap some electrical tape around
      the barrel first so as not to mark it with the metal clamp. The torch has never switched off or knocked the batteries around due to
      recoil. As for being able to see the front sight, that's not a problem as when the light is on the front sight is silhouetted in the light and
      easy to see.
      Buckshot works fine on goats, and solid slugs will work fine in your SX3. I use Winchester and Rio buckshot in mine. Both work well
      but the Rios seem to have a bit more oomph and kick to them.
      Hope this helps.