Is a B709 required?

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  • Is a B709 required?

    My son has a second-hand Winchester 1300 pump action 12G shotgun. The wood has seen better days and I might be going to Houston on business. If I do go, I thought I might buy an adjustable stock (not collapsible) and a pistol grip fore-end as we have different LOP. Do I need a B709 or can I put it in my suitcase and forget about it coming back through customs? If I do need one, can I purchase it when the gun is in my son's name?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I wouldnt think so.. Its not a restricted item.. Its a stock


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      yes, its a classed as a firearms part

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    I've imported stocks from the U.S and never used a B709A.


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      Originally posted by overkill" post=24501
      I've imported stocks from the U.S and never used a B709A.

      Exactly. I've never had any trouble getting stocks from the US.

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    As long as its a fixed stock you should be fine with out a B709
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      Morgo is right , however it's no biggy to get a B709, just in case, your bringing a fixed stock back into the country.


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        I was looking to get an adjustable stock so I could change the length, i.e. get comfortable, as my son and I are different in size. I expect there's is a minimum length which I'd endeavour not to exceed and it wouldn't be folding. If I get the change to go, I will get a B709 just in case. There's a first time for everything.

        Thanks to all for the feedback.