If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.

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  • If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.

    Little bit of gun porn to inspire.
    Some shotgunning experiences from our recent trip to the US.

    I hadn't told the young bloke where we were going - just mumbled something about a gun shop.
    He says it was one of his most memorable moments of the trip

    Something in 20 guage for the young gentleman.

    I didn't quite know what kind of reception a handful of grubby tourists would receive.
    They were most gracious and generous with their valuable time to someone who obviously wasn't going to be putting a deposit on a 6 figure shotgun.
    Without being asked, Bob opened the cabinet and demonstrated the features of a couple of their guns.
    The drop out triggers on a Royal Deluxe were hand finished works of art - you move part of the trigger guard to activate the release mechanism.

    The girls were just as impressed and had a great time looking around.
    Dan came away with a sporting gun brochure which is more like a fine book than a brochure as a momento of his visit.
    Sporting Guns
    Should he ever become the next Zuckerburg, I hope he'll take his old man for a custom fitting.

    A huge thanks to Bob for taking the time to indulge a 12 year old and his penniless old man.

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    grouse story...i'll always remember that story and the hospitality they extended to you, and feel good about them....I'll never forget being treated really nice by a sports car company when I was a kid, drooling over the cars, they let me sit in one and gave me a poster I treasured for years.....fast forward 25 years later I handed over a very large cheque for one of their cars


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      Mate, that's awesome! The smile on your young fella's face is priceless!


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        i could afford one but me and my kids would have to live in the state forest in a tent. nice story
        "He got the whole nine yards" - as it happens World War II (1939–1945) aircraft machine gun belts (US 50 cal) were nine yards long.


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          Thanks for shearing

          Something not many would be able to do. And a very memorable moment for all.