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  • G.Tonolini sxs

    Hi all
    Have been given a old sxs shotgun
    The only info I can find on the barrles is G.Tonolini-brescia-italy
    As it is in fairly good condition I would like to find out some info on it
    and also try to find a spring for the internal hammers
    Thank's A-Bolt

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    I owned a Tonolini SXS years ago,which had a nice engraved action.Very light gun and kicked a bit.Did not have it long as i damaged the barrels,it shot and swung well.I purchased it from a italian migrant who at the time needed some money and got it cheap.
    A friend sold me some reloads,and i was spotlighting foxes off a vechicle and two of us where shooting,and my guess is i got a dud load that stuck the plastic wad in the barrel and i fired it again and bulged the barrels .Not much help to you i suppose,you should be able to get a spring from a gunsmith.cheers


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      I just remembered that i gave it to a mate who cut the barrels down and used it as a snake gun on his farm,that was about 30years ago.Most likely he made up a coach gun before they were in fashion,i think the barrels were about 20inch or so.I did not pay much for it so i gather they were on the cheaper end of the scale,but it looked pretty.cheers