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  • Low recoil 12g shotshell

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the search for low-recoil 12g shotshell. I would prefer Winchester AA Winlite (970 fps) but they're non-existant at the moment.

    Does anyone know of other brands of low-recoil (<1000 fps) shotshell in 7-9 size?

    It's for Cowboy Action Shooting so I want the lowest recoil, cheapest available.


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    Another important factor with cowboy action is that the fired shells fall out of the action when broken. I ended up using Federal 28 with 71/2 shot after trying many cheaper products and a simple flick tosses them out. A friend uses the exact same gun with my ammo and they stick. Be it size of the brass, ribs or non ribbed makes a difference.

    Of course I could have honed the chambers to get easier extraction using cheapies but Federal worked for only a few dollars more.


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      being that i use a 20" coach gun for clay shooting with a rubber stock to boot, means my shotty suffers alot of recoil.

      Ive found Winchester 28 71/2 shot "club use" the best on a budget, plenty available and sells for $75 a brick

      on a side note you should see the bruising i used to get on the firing shoulder with that shotty, then my wife put me on to
      Libra Fleur "maternity" pads, id stick one to my shoulder under my top, worked perfectly, i shit you not


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        I still have a few slabs of Winchester Featherweights if you're interested in them . #8 shot doing 980fps .
        They owe me $95/250 .
        I'm in Brisbane


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          The Winchester Club load are a real smooth shooting shell but do the job very well.