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    Hi Guys, i am looking for peoples thoughts/opinions on clay throwers (the manual types).

    Please feel free to add to the following:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	handthrower.jpg
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    Hand Thrower
    Pros: very cheap, very small
    Cons: can't be used by yourself.
    price range $10-20

    Click image for larger version

Name:	fullcock.jpg
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    Full Cock thrower
    Pros: cheap
    Cons:high risk of limb amputation

    Click image for larger version

Name:	3quartcock.JPG
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    3/4 Cock thrower
    Pros: minimal effort to cock. Can throw different directions (rabbit)
    Cons: size
    Price $200

    Click image for larger version

Name:	onestep.jpg
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    One Step Thrower
    Pros: shooter can release themselves. safe (device is never in "loaded position" - one step method loads and released in the same action
    Cons: can not throw rabbit
    Price $???

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    I have a hand thrower and its pretty good for a couple quick shots but no good for a decent session.

    I have used a full cock thrower and although they do the job they are a pretty nasty machine.

    I am keen on the 3/4 cock machine and want to rig up a solenoid release (old electronic boot release) so i can use it by myself.


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      I have one of these

      Works fine but the stand is basically crap as the bolts holding it together have to be *really* tight to not work loose after a few launches. A new more portable stand to attach it to the spare wheel is soon to be built.
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        If you're getting a hand thrower these are the best

        I personally wouldn't bother with those spring loaded ones they're crap. For about 500 you can get a car battery powered thrower that work 100 times better


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          Of all those there, the cheap plastic hand thrower will probably throw the best target once the person doing the 'throwing' gets the hang of it.
          I have several manual throwers and the more heavily constructed they are, the better they work. Those shown will not throw a decent pair of targets as they are not strong enough.
          Any trap that has a short throwing arm will not throw a target very far at all.

          You may be better off going to a claytarget club near you and asking if they have any old manual traps they want to sell. Price should be about $100 or slightly more and will be much better than any other lightly constructed trap.
          This post may be fact or opinion, it is up to you to decide which.


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            I was about to start a thread exactly like this when the other site closed down.

            I recently bought 1 of these:

            I also own one of the Mtm ones and I can safely say that the Wing One is A LOT better. Never broken a clay, throws better and also requires less technique / learning.
            If anyone is interested I can post some images and comparisons. Might be even able to post vid this weekend if you are keen.



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          This is the one I got a while back - from memory I paid $70 or so delivered off a fella on AHN. Haven't used it yet ,

          Whacking Varmints is my passion!


          • sn@abrc
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            I made my own- similar to the second pic down, except for a few minor differences-

            -it can be pegged to the ground- but I also made a mount that bolts onto a jeep - suzuki - niva wheel rim,

            -it doesnt use conventional clays- but runs crackers!

            After much intensive testing :P of various brands of crackers- it was found that Jatz crackers were best- both aerodynamically and cost effectively.
            It is great for .410 practice out side, or with .22 ratshot when in the shed if its raining, and as a bonus, the dog cleans up the residue for you when you finish!

            When I figure out how to post pics I will bung some photos up


          • TwoFourThree
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            My first trap was a Trius model 73, back in the 1970's and very similar to this. It had a can throwing attachment that did not work well as aluminium cans were too light.
            Trap is OK for beginners but the pair will be one fast and one 'floating' target.
            I still have it but don't use it anymore.

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          Checked Cabelas out they also have a champion one link for $279 (rrp399!) postage $80 - was so close to buying one however i really want to be able to shoot doubles. This is a limitation with the entry level electric throwers

          Ended up buying one of these from Top Shot Industries. It looks like the Do-all Pro Clayhawk Trap. Will see how it goes