Converting a Remington 11-87 to Tactical Devastator.

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  • Converting a Remington 11-87 to Tactical Devastator.

    Probably 3/4 of the way there.

    Had to try several ways for several years to get the parts as the guy wont sell them claiming that Remington Tactical are looking at them but he will get parts to guys in the States and of course I didnt get the side folding stock and instead got the Mesa Urbino stock which is fine for me as I am not tall or got long arms.

    Original gun at but as I said mine is a bit different. There is a patented recoil reducing mechanism yet to be installed which on top of the springs I was able to leave in standard because of not using a side folder ought to make this a real pussy cat. Then is just what accessories today??

    Apologies I need a real camera and real photographer is more likely the case and when I do I'll get some better pics.
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    Gun now possibly 100% except for an optic I just have to test the recoil reduction springs as the couldnt be tested properly in store so time to get some loads out and do it.

    Looks pretty much the same as this shottie but no brake and stock is Mesa Urbino.


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      Looks nice mate.