Cleaning the voodoo out of a California rifle

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  • Cleaning the voodoo out of a California rifle

    The state of California requires "by law" the retardation of rifle functionality for certain rifles - based on their appearance. Apparently, California lawmakers practice voodoo, or animism (in short, they believe inanimate objects are sentient & can operate on their own).

    A friend of mine recently got a SiG 556 Classic SWAT. This is a US-only (AFAIK) SiG 550 variant, and comes with quad rails and an extendible, folding stock. The SiG 556 has also had its trigger pack modified so as to accept the commonly available STANAG magazine (AR15/M16 mags).

    Here is a stock photo of how they arrive from the factory:

    Back to California, they require these two items be installed in the SiG rifle, so as to retard its functionality. Apparently, California legislators think that if a rifle has a folding stock or easily removable magazine, it will hop about randomly killing people, all the while maniacally changing its own magazines.

    On the left is a Radlock "bullet button". This is designed to NOT allow the removal of a magazine without a tool (like a bent paper clip, or bullet nose [hence the name "bullet button"]). On the right is a contraceptive disk that blocks the folding stock release, so it can't travel enough to unlock the stock.

    And another, showing the Radlock from another angle: The internal screw allows you to loosen it up and use it as a "regular" mag release when you're outside California. In reality, it unscrews the blamed thing until it's almost ready to fall off, so it rattles a lot and generally ain't worth a sh**

    So, long story short, the California contraceptives were removed, and since A friend of mine doesn't like cheese graters, I advised my friend to commence to do some horse-trading on the various SiG forums.

    After some back-and-forth, the rifle now looks like this:


    . . . but there seems to be something "evil" about the rifle now . . .

    Can you see the part that makes California lawmakers pee their pants and run in fear?


    You know drive-by bayonettings are an epidemic crime problem in California, right?

    So, now the rifle has been thoroughly de-Cali-f***** and is back to what it should be.

    . . . and my friend has not noticed it trying to escape its case to go on a rampage (maybe he got a lazy one?)

    Hello, State of California! We in the free states salute you! This link is not safe for California legislators, or those with easily twistable panties

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    Hi Nalioth, nice post, but the humor may go over the top of our brothers in Aussieland. They have problems with lib politicians, but I don't think they'v experienced this particular problem, at least not yet anyway. But a good post anyway! Being from Kansas, I know of what you speak of.


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      Nice gun, Nalioth. There will be much envy here, no matter how 'Cali-amended' it has been.

      Sadly, it was the conservative side of politics here which will forever live in infamy amongst gun owners for divesting us of our semi-auto longarms, back in 1996. So we get just as efficiently reamed from both (so-called) left & right


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        I wish I had a voodoo machine gun

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      The bayonet lug has never been legislated against in California, surprisingly enough. I have quite a few firearms, many from before the assault weapon laws prior to 2001.

      What's more head-scratching is that Leland Yee, a State Senator, has been pushing for a bullet button ban and retroactive registration of such firearms in California, under the assumption that the bullet button, even with a tool - as outlined in existing law - is "too fast and too much like an assault weapon which have no business in the hands of the public".

      Many Californian gun owners are right now inundating the Governor on this and other laws that are on his desk awaiting signature, no signature, or veto. A very poor state of affairs in my opinion. Unsurprising, really, considering the voting demographics of the state.


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        you think you got problems?

        we cant even have a 11 round mag in bolt action .223


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          :P Good post, wish I could have one however it comes