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  • Some Australian F88 Images

    G'Day Fella's,

    Here is an image (taken in 2002), of myself with a couple of Australian made Austeyr F88's!
    You might notice, they are both "Flat Tops" and one has a Pistol length barrel!!!
    By the way, there are 6 more of these on the floor, at my feet........
    Click image for larger version

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    aimpoint , surefire, NAD, SPR switch


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      I like the short-barreled one; whats the approximate OAL on that rifle, Homer?


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        Originally posted by Homer" post=20841
        G'Day Fella's,
        Pistol length barrel!!!
        350mm, hardly a pistol barrel! ha ha
        The PWS MK107 7.75" (196.85mm) Diablo's , now they're pistol length! Aren't the SASR using some of them?


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          G'Day Fella's,

          S12R, thanks for your In Action image and Thank You for your service to our nation!!!

          GSR, I'm not sure of the exact measurement but a reckon it's OAL, would be between 650 and 700mm?

          T-T, I agree it is not that short but as far as the authorities are concerned, anything barrel less than 408mm/16" (despite whats behind it), is considered a Handgun!


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        Geez, memories. All our vehicle crews were issued F88C's.
        As scouts, we had a choice of rifle or carbine. I always preferred the normal rifle with 20in barrel, simply for the bayonet boss - and it wasn't just to fix a pig-sticker on the end of the muzzle.
        It was so I could do this:
        Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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          good bit of ingenuity there 22F, the F88SA2 comes with a torch ring for surefires on the RHS , before that on the F88SA1 we were using rail mounts that offset to the side

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        Wow. I remember picking up one of these at the Royal Melbourne show in the early 90's. Cool
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          AMP shoot from last week.
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