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  • Guide to selecting a 22

    These were not written by me but by Sundazed on the old forum. They were too large for the old forum and nor would they "sticky" them. Perhaps they might be lucky this time around.
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    Hi mate,

    Thanks for posting this. Never saw it on the old forum. Also: those first two PDFs (part 1 and part 2) are contained IN the 4th PDF (complete guide) so a little redundant and could probably be removed



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      sundazed, what a great write up. Where were you when I was first getting into rimfires? Thank you so much for that. Being relatively new to the old forum, I hadn't seen this. I appreciate the work and time you've spent. This should be a must read for everyone. So many great ideas and instruction.
      Thanks again. and by the way, you're worth more money


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        Parts 1 & two removed. I didn't see much of Sundazed posting in the final months on the old forum. I was guilty too of posting a "what 22" question, after reading this I found it answered all my questions too.


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          Thanks for posting the PDFs, Uncle. All in all a good, informative read. Hopefully it gets a sticky for all the newbies (like me) to find it quickly and easily. Had i found that info a year ago it would have saved me many countless hours browsing and lurking on various forums and websites.

          Nice one, Centurion; like it, like it...

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        So not, "buy a Tikka or Sako"? :lol:


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          Not a bad write up but I think he could get currently available calibres correct.
          To the best of my knowledge the 17WSM still isn't available, while he doesn't even mention the 17Mach II that has been available for years and is still available in current production rifles.

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        Well that was a good read and very informative, makes some decisions a lot easier.

        Now for the decisions on make, model, ammo, sling. bipods, and all that other stuff we need to keep us happy.