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  • Target Time --Winchester 69A

    Good day all. Pretty quiet in here, so I figured what the faaaaa, I'll throw something up.
    I got a replacement magazine for my Winchester 69A, so armed, armed get it?, with an excuse off to my little range I went.
    I used only target ammo, RWS Rifle match, RWS Club, GECO pistol match, and a box of CCI Standard. The CCI were just for fun.
    Well, hell's bell's if the CCI didn't out shoot the other brands. Now, let's remember to factor in my crappy mechanics, and the 20k/hr wind,
    and the fact that this is a sporting/hunting rifle. The CCI gave a 5 shot group, at 50 meters, with only 3 holes! And the 3 holes were very tightly grouped. I didn't measure anything, but the holes were well within a 5 cent piece. I had all but given up on CCI, but there you go. I'll have to get a brick for this dear girl.

    I'd say that the other brands shot pretty much the same. I didn't do a lot of 75 and 100 meter shots, given the conditions, but I was not unhappy with the results.
    I was pretty ticked off with the gunsmith who adjusted my scope, though. Took me almost half an hour to set it up. What a dork! Oh, look perhaps I whinge too much, he did say that he was on the piss the night before!! haha gotta watch him.

    Calling out to all 69A shooters/owners, how do you like your 69A's? And what's her favourite ammo? And do you love he like I do?(yes, I know I'm a dork)

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    I was disappointed that a thread titled 'target time' contained no targets.

    The CCI Standard is a great little round, I haven't found anything that shoots as well for $39 a brick.


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      Yeah my Brno 2 doesn't mind CCI either, generally manages a half inch group at 50 if I do my bit, it was a surprise to me as well.
      Cold is right you'll have to post a target even if your a dork ! ;0)


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        Havent got a 89A but do have a 67A & for its age its a great little accurate plinking rifle & I enjoy shooting it.
        The 67A is chambered for 22 shorts but if you depress trigger when loading it also takes 22LR.
        I enjoy all Winchesters!!
        Faster Horses
        Younger Women
        Older Whiskey
        More Money

        SSAA N52


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          :P :P


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            what, doesn't anyone believe anyone any more?? haha
            My wife monopolizes the camera, she's always got all the bits strewn about every corner of the house, the memory cards are always full, the batteries are always low and I can never find the power cord.
            I know, I have to get my own and hide it.
            I promise that before Kevin Rudd retires from being a dork, I'll post some pics. :lol:

            c'mon you 69a owners, I know you are out there, spill!! And I don't need pictures although they would be nice, but I'm just as happy with a story.