The new Lithgow rimfire rifle.

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  • The new Lithgow rimfire rifle.

    I am keen to see this one!
    My last heads up was that this rifle would be available toward the end of this year. Has anyone got any recent giff on this?

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    Word from LA is most likely early next year but trying to claw it back to a 2013 release.... word from dealer is late Jan 2014 at best.

    Frustrating but I'd much rather them take their time to get it really right rather than release something 90% complete and not live up to everyone's expectations.


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      I emailed Lithgow Arms a couple of days ago about left handed versions and the reply i go is below.

      G'day Chris,

      Many thanks for this enquiry.

      At this point in time, the possibility of versions in left hand is still a viable
      option but nothing has been finalised.

      I suggest that you visit the website every few months to ascertain an update.


      Sales Manager
      Lithgow Arms
      45/70 Government, The only government i trust


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        Is there any prediction for the price?



        • shooter65
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          Only rumor but word is about $1000, But nothing to confirm this.

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          Originally posted by John23" post=1881
          Is there any prediction for the price?
          Somewhere between "a bit more than a CZ 452" and "under a grand" has been mentioned by multiple sources. Personally I'm expecting Ruger 77/22 type money ($850-$950). Given the amount of interest in the LA101, I wouldn't be surprised if stores sell them at or even slightly above RRP.

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        I was talking to them at the shot show in melb and they were astounded at the number of left handed enquiries they were a lefty it seemed they had the same blinkered view that there were only a few lefties out there and so wouldn't affect their sales....the sign on board they had at the show opened their eyes....

        also they didn't have any pricing at the show but mentioned they expected to be around the pricing of comparable CZ

        all of the samples I fondled at the show felt good and balanced to hold


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          I'd like a youth model for the young fella


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            With any luck they'll eventually bring out timber/laminate stock and blued barrel options. Or at least a barrelled action option you can fit whatever stock you like to.

            That said I reckon the combination of stainless steel metalwork and a high quality synthetic stock is probably the "winning" combination. Classy and practical.

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          So. Who got the email update on the LA Crossover???

          Lookin' good baby, yeah!

          Still only hoping for 1st quarter next year though.
          List to tick off:
          - TICK!!! NEW SCOPE: Sightron S-tac 2.5-17.5 X 56mm
          - TICK !!Left handed 223rem, Zastava M85
          - wildcat build in progress: 223McShort
          - TICK!!! Rebarrel Howa to 7mm-08
          - TICK!!! case trimmer/turner
          - Comp dies for 7mm-08
          - Case annealer
          - Custom dies for wild cat


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            For those who haven't signed up for updates:

            [@@ OPEN @@]

            [@@ OPEN @@]

            Lithgow Arms


            Many thanks for expressing your interest in the Lithgow Arms LA101 CrossOver rifle. We really appreciate the enthusiasm people like yourself have shown for this new Australian rifle, and are now writing to update you on the latest developments.

            As you know, at the Melbourne SSAA Shot Expo a few months ago we asked the public to take a look at the CrossOver and suggest any improvements and design features they would like to see. We also received suggestions via our website at and email, as well as from some retailers.

            We had a lot of feedback, we listened to it, and we're now pleased to report that the design of the rifle is finished.

            Before we get into details, one of our key decisions is that we will be offering the CrossOver in a left-hand version. There were many people who requested this, and our team has been hard at work optimising components so we can provide this option.

            We have also added a visual and tactile cocking indicator - you can see the small red pin at the base of the bolt shroud in the picture below.

            Lithgow Arms
            In addition, the flats on the bolt handle have been orientated to improve bolt feel.

            Following several comments, we've reduced the size of the trigger guard. It's now smaller, so that people will be able to rest their finger along the guard for a safer and more comfortable hand position.

            We have also improved the ergonomics of the trigger and the safety selector, as the photo below indicates. Specifically, the sear engagement is fully adjustable and the safety selector is now a rotating mechanism rather than sliding. The shape of the safety now makes it easier to use and provides a positive feel. The trigger shape has also changed, and is now more curved with added texture for improved trigger feel.

            Lithgow Arms
            The five-round magazine and magazine release catch are now flush fitting, so those who want to shoot from their vehicle won't snag on the window frame. The CrossOver magazine is free to drop into the hand when the release catch is operated, and the stock now incorporates recesses to allow the magazine to be pulled free if necessary. See the profile below:

            Lithgow Arms
            The length of pull was an issue that came up a few times, so we've made it adjustable between 32.5cm and 35.5cm. Three spacers will come standard with the rifle that will enable these adjustments, as you can see in the picture below.

            Lithgow Arms
            Another design feature we've improved is the ergonomics of the stock. A high quality textured elastomer recoil pad has been fitted. We've also added texture around the pistol grip for those wet and cold mornings. The fore-end is stepped and slightly tapered to the front, and also textured to improve grip - as you can see here:

            Lithgow Arms
            Finally, we have also added a dedicated recoil lug for durability and repeatability, as well as a Lithgow Arms grip cap, mainly because we like our rifles to look good and couldn't resist it.

            Lithgow Arms
            All these changes are the result of a lot of feedback we've had, and we thank all of you for it - the support and interest has been overwhelming.

            We realise it's taken a bit longer than expected to work through, but there are good reasons for this. We've spent a lot of time analysing all the responses for their practicality, exploring design options and the interaction between components, and then making the final decisions based on all of the above.

            We wanted to get this right, and felt it was better to do that than rush ahead.

            Of course, we can't incorporate every suggestion we received, or keep everyone happy all of the time, but we think this design makes the CrossOver an attractive rifle for shooters.

            We're now moving closer to finalising the timetable for when the CrossOver will go into production. We do not yet have a date for when the rifle will hit the shops, but we're still working towards the first quarter of next year. There's a similar story with the pricing - while we're still finalising production we can't provide an exact price, but we stand by our previous statements that it will be competitive.

            We'll aim to provide you with more information before the end of the year, so please stay tuned, and thanks once again for your ongoing support.

            If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

            Kind Regards,

            Lithgow Arms team

            Lithgow Arms
            4 Martini Parade
            NSW 2790, Australia
            Office: +61 (0)2 6352 9900
            Email: [email protected]

            Please consider the environment before printing a hard copy of this e-mail.

            Thales Australia Limited trading as Lithgow Arms © 2013

            You have received this email because you registered your interest in Lithgow Arms products at the Shot Expo or via the Lithgow Arms website, if you do not wish to receive further information from Lithgow arms UNSUBSCRIBE HERE

            This message c

            2013 10:31:44 AM

            This message contains OPEN information that is not sensitive and can be freely accessed by people both inside and outside of the Thales Group

            This email was classified by JOHNSTON Brendan on Thursday, 17 October 2013 2:51:04 PM

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          I got the email. It is looking great and love the fact they will be doing a left handed version.
          45/70 Government, The only government i trust


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            Yeah I got the email update, I like the process and don't mind waiting until they nail it, I also don't mind waiting until the bring out a timber stock, the plastic is one ugly SOB.


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              Originally posted by danandria" post=16582
              Yeah I got the email update, I like the process and don't mind waiting until they nail it, I also don't mind waiting until the bring out a timber stock, the plastic is one ugly SOB.
              I don;t mind it really... Doubt they will bring out a wooden one, they aren;t tooled for it at all.


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            Can someone post pics of the updated prototype here??


            • beerhog
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              Wonder if they will chamber for the 17 wsm eventually?

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            I received my email from Lithgow Arms yesterday with all the new changes, the wife cant wait.
            Be getting her one in .22WMR has soon it hits the stores
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            Boito Miura U/O 12ga


            • Gwion
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              Here are some of the pics in the email. They are CAD renderings only and not photo's of a prototype.

              All rights belong to Lithgow Arms/Thales Group.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	LACOimage002.jpg
Views:	4
Size:	25.0 KB
ID:	32377
              Bolt & firing pin view

              Click image for larger version

Name:	LACOimage004.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	36.9 KB
ID:	32378
              Side view

              Click image for larger version

Name:	LACOimage005.jpg
Views:	4
Size:	21.1 KB
ID:	32379
              Adjustable LOP spacers

              Click image for larger version

Name:	LACOimage007.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	23.2 KB
ID:	32380
              Pretty pistol grip badge.


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            1 Beautiful looking Rifle.
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            • Greenwich-biker
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              One of those is definitely on my shopping list for next year.

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            That looks export quality right there, hope it goes successful in that area for them too, after we Australians have had first go of course . Actually that will be a nice change, Australians first and the rest of the world 2nd when it comes to firearm models. no import restrictions etc

            For those talking about a wooden stock, you could also read the topic reproduction-stocks on this forum and get one copied from your plastic one here in Australia with no export or over $100.00 limit or customs forms to fill out etc and support an Aussie guy trying to have a go. Disclaimer: It's not me (unfortunately).


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              I turn 50 next year, I think I will suggest the wife buys me one for the the big five oh!

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            Great to hear some news.... the flow of info has been slower than hoped but I'd rather the guys take their time and do it properly... rather than put out a rushed design that fails to meet the (already lofty) expectations of the marketplace.


            • scythe
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              Good news on the adjustable length of pull, 10pts to who ever asked for that.
              I got the same email as well, and I'm sure lots of others did as well.

              Not sure how the "tactile cocking indicator" will go tho, seems like a weird idea to me as that red pin looks mighty small.
              But i guess it will work similarly to a beam deflection torque wrench indicator and they work so...yeah.

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            Mentioned in the other thread - can confirm it is cerakoted steel, not stainless steel. Exact same steel/process used on the EF88.

            Will be interesting to see if they offer a "dark" coat version in the future, for hunters who don't want a super shiny barrel.