First .22LR rifle for 15YO daughter

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  • First .22LR rifle for 15YO daughter

    My daughter has shown an interest in rifle shooting after spending weekends staying with school friends on their farms and shooting with their dads. I had quite a few rifles before getting married and have just renewed my licence along with my daughter.

    Initially I considered getting her either a Marlin XT 22 or a Savage Mk II, but now would like to spend more and look at a CZ Scout and would also be fun for me as I have a slight disability in my left arm which is shorter than my right arm.

    It will be used both for plinking freehand and target shooting at the range to learn the basics.

    I spend hours reading forums from all around the world and drool over CZ'z, 452 American, 455 American with the option of adding a .17 later on, and I personally drool over the Anschutz 1710 D KL for myself. Luckily I just installed an 8 gun safe.

    My question to you guys is, should I lash out and get the Scout or would it be too small for a 15 YO. There are so many youtube vids of 6 to 8 YO's using one.

    Merry Xmas

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    My Daughter is 9, she has a Model 1 Brno (stock too long), a Lithgow 1A with a short stock on it, CZ452 Scout purchased S/H but as in perfect cond.
    The Scout is her go to gun (funny hey?)
    My daughter is average size for her age, but at 15yrs girls these days seem to be nearly full size, so I guess your child would be able to handle a normal stock.
    ALL 3 guns you mentioned are good value, but the Scout has a really short junior stock and is just a basic rifle with basic sights but accurate too. And buying a full size stock would be expensive as she grows.
    She may not continue, the Marlins are a good buy and seem to resell well, I would likely go that way.

    I have two other kids also that show an interest so the 3 rifles I have are going to be around for awhile, I prefer my Sportco.
    Best of luck
    Good to see a family interest.
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      Brno model 2, Cz 452 and any variant are all good straight shooters with good quality parts and last a few lifetimes if looked after. the brno model 2 is my favorite .22lr after the 10/22 (never fired one because of laws but whats not to like about a semi 22 with aftermarket fun stuff.)

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    I think an airgun might be worth considering, otherwise savage make nice cheap .22's in various shapes and sizes.


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      I bought my 13yr old Daughter a Savage Mk2 HB and put it in a Boyd's Stock, she loves it. She also uses my Brno Mod 2 with no troubles at all too. I think any of the rifles you mentioned other than the Marlin (a bit rough in my opinion and better choices out there) would be quite suitable for her.

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        Value for money the marlin xt22 blue synthetic pack is about as good as it gets. They are a basic rifle that functions well.

        Money dose not seem to be a major issue judging from your post.
        If that is the case the CZ is undoubtedly a nicer rifle and probably a better shooter.
        There triggers aee a little average though with rough creep with the few I have used.

        I would be looking around for a cheap annie as that is what you desire and is a better rifle than tbe others on the list.

        Tbats my 2 cents anyway.



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          There is a CZ 'Farmer' on used guns, what ever you get, make it a goodie, not a cheap first one.

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        A Brno model 1 or model 2 will last her a lifetime then her own children will use it for theirs.

        The CZs are quite nice but theyre really just a knockoff of the Model 1 or 2 (ducks)
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          A full length stock should be ok for a growing 15 year old. Move the scope back a bit to get a good head position, or choose one with plenty of eye relief. Better than a short rifle that just wont shoulder properly.


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            Originally posted by Needbiggertargets" post=47204
            A full length stock should be ok for a growing 15 year old. Move the scope back a bit to get a good head position, or choose one with plenty of eye relief. Better than a short rifle that just wont shoulder properly.
            Id say definatly get a full lenth stock im 13 and not of a tall height and a full lenth stock is fine for me,

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          Being of around that age myself I would say (you said she has a Minors Permit?) take her into a gunshop and let her have a hold of some .22s and see which one she likes? the Brno style of .22 action is a very sweet action to shoot


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            A big thank you to all the excellent advice given on this forum.
            We will definitely find a gun store which has all these rifles to handle and get a feeling for size, fit and weight. Interestingly, there is a large variety of LOP between full size and youth rifles.
            Unfortunately our local LGS does not carry all these rifles but will get them in after you pay for one. Already done that once for myself.
            Looks like a trip to Brisbane in a couple of weeks to visit some stores. For the record my daughter is 1.66m which I think is about 5' 8" and weighs 58kg and is not a strong girl.
            Thanks, cheers and have a safe and Happy New Year.

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          Yes go the CZ over the other 2 brands, not sure about size of the scout but.....
          What about the 455 in 2 barrels 22lr and 22 mag or 17 hmr and 22 mag , gives you 2 rifles for the one outlay
          Marlin 1894 .44rem mag
          Tikka T3 Super Varmint .260rem
          Savage Axis XP Camo .260rem
          Ruger American .22wmr
          BSA SuperSport XL .22
          Adler A110 Synthetic 20" 12ga
          Boito Miura U/O 12ga


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            If you do go the Savage Route, they seem to shoot a wide variety of ammo well, mine loves the CCi Standards, Win 40gn Subs, CCi Velocitors, SK Match and SK Subs, they all shoot well in it and are capable of nice groups @ 50m, but more important than that its great on the bunnies.

            CCi Standard

            Win 40gn Power Point Subs

            Win 40gn Power Point Subs

            Some groups shot by previous owner

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              First of all great to see an excellent helpful thread that hasn't turned into a pissing contest!
              OP I often take my 15yo kid sister target shooting and plinking with my cz452 American. She's average size and it fits her fairly well, better of growing into than out off!. With the scope wound up and the light trigger spring (too help confidence) in she does very well. Can't convince her to come hunting tho, she won't even shoot rabbit paper targets
              Never used a savage but ive played with a mates marlin, PERSONALY I wouldn't swap it out with the CZ but different strokes for different folks