Bergara B14R trigger adjustment questions?

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  • Bergara B14R trigger adjustment questions?

    I just bought a new Bergara B14R and was wondering if anyone can tell me why the manual says you need to remove the stock to adjust the trigger when I can access the trigger adjustment screw without having to remove the stock. Is there something I am missing here? Also, when backing out the trigger adjustment screw, does it come to a mechanical stop before being threaded all the way out when lightning the trigger, or do you have to guestimate when to stop turning it? Cheers in advance.

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    I would be searching out how that particular trigger is adjusted properly before touching it as there could be another screw that also needs adjusting accordingly.

    Have you shot it and what's wrong with the trigger?
    Often the factories send them out set up for general use at around 3lb.
    Did the manual have a drawing and mention the adjustment range?
    A good trigger is a crisp trigger with little or no creep.


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      Yes i have put around 300 rounds through it and it certainly shoots well but the trigger pull is preset at the factory at about 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs.) The possible adjustment is between 1.3 and 2 kg (2.8 - 4.4 lbs). So even at its lightest, it is still fairly heavy. For me, it's about trialing what works best and since the trigger is adjustable, I just want to see if there is a difference in accuracy at the lowest setting.


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        That's a bit more info, as for all I knew, you may have bought it and wanted the 4oz trigger like a lot of blokes do.

        If they have the weight adjustment screw and that's how it is done, it would be better to just go about a full turn out and feel the diff.
        Bump test a few times.
        Then go another 1/2 turn.
        Should be able to judge it by feel and better than trying to wind it right out as you could run into probs doing that.

        I don't know enough about triggers to give advice but read about some CZs or whatever that had 2 screws, I assume weight and creep, but you sort of had to do both a little at a time or it could affect the sear engagement and could fail the bump test and go off without pulling the trigger.


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          google is your friend :
          That said there may be a bottom <light ness> limit that NO adjustment will go beyond before it ceases to be an adjustment any way.

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            Cheers Guys for responding. Bergara got back to me with the following and I hope this info might help someone else out. Thanks for contacting Bergara, Your user manual isn´t updated, you can adjust the trigger pull weight without removing the stock. It is a new trigger design. If you unscrew totally, nothing happens, the gun still will be safe. But, if you measure the pull weight, you will reach to the minimum (1kg) 2 or 3 turns before getting totally loose.